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North American Mission Board (NAMB)

The Church is God’s plan – you are God’s plan – to reach North America and the nations with the hope of Christ, and the North American Mission Board is here to help.

NAMB helps equip churches to be on mission in their own communities and across the continent. Through mercy ministry, church planting, chaplaincy and disaster relief, we help congregations go to the lost and hurting.

All of this ministry is made possible by generous givers through the Cooperative Program. Whether it’s Southern Baptist churches supporting the Cooperative Program giving to the Annie Armstrong Easter Offering or sponsorship of a particular missionary or missions project, each plays a vital role in the salvation of the lost in the United States and Canada.

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CP Stories: Matt and Amanda Hadden, South Dakota
NAMB logo
NAMB Multiethnic Evangelism Training
CP Stories: Sam and Joanna Choi, Minnesota
CP Stories: Jared and Desiraye Davis, Ohio
CP Stories: Alex and Corrine Bouffard, Maryland
CP Stories: Noah and Tarin Madden, Massachusetts
Greater Philadelphia Churches graduate five from NAMB Pipeline
CP Stories: Stephen and Lisa Shaw, Oklahoma
CP Stories: Jefferson and Carol Hernandez, Virginia
CP Stories: Josh and Beth Glymph, Florida
CP Stories: Joseph and Kristen Gibbons, Las Vegas
CP Stories: Faith Garland, Boston
CP Stories: Noelson and Edna Chery, Philadelphia
Two dozen college students serve in Pittsburgh over spring break 
CP Stories: Brad and Jen McOwen, Indianapolis
March 2024 Top Five
March 2024 Top Five
Barry interviews Noelson Chery
Whitworth interviews Noelson Chery, one of the featured missionaries for this year’s Annie Armstrong Easter Offering
CP Stories: Matthew Knight, Dover
Ministry partnerships give growth to gospel presence at Drexel University
Haney Love
CP Stories: Juhyun and Mijung Park, British Columbia
Next Step Story: Multiplication Pipeline aids pastors in raising up internal leaders and planters
Elizabeth Benge video
February 2024 Top Five
Annie Armstrong Week of Prayer and Offering 2024
CP Stories: Itamar Elizalde, Puerto Rico
Larry Anderson video
Larry Anderson shares about evangelism resources available to churches
NAMB Easter Checklist
Easter Checklist for Pastors
Whitworth shares exciting update about the April 22-24 Refresh Retreat
CP Stories: Jared and Jennifer Huntley, Texas
Baptism Sunday
Barry video
Barry Whitworth thanks God for BRN partners
CP Stories: Amer and Vicky Safadi, Ohio
CP Stories: Craig and Maggie Coppenbarger, Missouri
Prayer on the Parkway
CP Stories: Brianna McKinney, Colorado
Refresh Retreat
Barry video
Refresh 2024 is coming! Take advantage of early discounts, says Barry Whitworth
Revive Summit logo
Revive Summit
CP Stories: Patrick and Jennifer Grant, Oregon
CP Stories: Eric and Anna Trout, Iowa
CP Stories: Dave and Brie Jacobson, Wisconsin
CP Stories: Sammy Ravelo, Chaplain
CP Stories: Michael and Traci Byrd, Missouri
CP Stories: Airenakhue and Obaidiku Aimievbo, Canada
CP Stories: Cody Vest, U.S. Army Chaplain
CP Stories: Fred and Damaris Castro, New Jersey
BCM at Drexel University partners with other Christian clubs to reach ‘underserved’ graduate students
CP Stories: Gregory and Chanelle Barnes, Maryland
CP Stories: Cody and Kristen Chester, Florida
CP Stories: Angel and Vanesa Viveros, Nebraska
Barry video
Tell us your Easter and Baptism Sunday stories, says Whitworth
CP Stories: Matt and Amanda Hadden, South Dakota
Greater Philly students go on mission over spring break in York, Pa.
John Pope, Barry Whitworth, Joe Velarde
Keystone pastor, John Cope, named Send Network Director for PA/SJ
CP Stories: Emanuel and Ioana Grozea, Ridgewood, New York
Barry video
Barry Whitworth stresses the importance of Annie Armstrong Easter Offering
CP Stories: Philip and Andi Coleman, Anchorage
All BRN churches are invited to participate in Send Relief’s Serve Tour Philly on September 15-16
CP Stories: Sam and Joanna Choi, Minnesota
CP Stories: Vergil and Kelsey Brown, Oregon
CP Stories: Kay Bennett, Louisiana
Bill and Sue Hoops receive national volunteer ministry award
Bill and Sue Hoops honored with Send Relief’s ‘outstanding volunteer ministry’ award
CP Stories: Dustin and Danielle Lee, Georgia
Barry video
You are invited to the 2023 Advance Evangelism Conference
CP Stories: Robert & Danielle Kane, Ohio
Elizabeth Benge video
February 2023 Top Five
Annie Armstrong Week of Prayer and Offering 2023
New Jersey churches plan to go outside of their building to reach new people in 2023
CP Stories: Steve and Cindy Martins, Canada
EB- Top Five video
January 2023 Top Five
CP Stories: Ricardo & Meyna Barber, Oregon
CP Stories: Mo and Susan Wildey, Indiana
Calling Out the Called: Discipling Those Called to Ministry Leadership
CP Stories: Rafael Valter, Georgia
Baptism Sunday
Week of Prayer and Mission Study for North American Missions and the Annie Armstrong Easter Offering
CP Stories: Victor and Ludmila Moura, Massachusetts
CP Stories: Derick & Kayla Sherfey, Colorado
Welcome to the BRN Family: David Domalski
CP Stories: Steve and Toni Chambers, New York City
CP Stories: Shahid and Maroofa Kamal, Vancouver
CP Stories: Guillermo and Claudia Hernandez, Miami
CP Stories: Ryan and Kierstin Ivy, Las Vegas
CP Stories: Gerald and Symara Waters, Philadelphia
Partnerships, Gospel focus highlighted in NAMB Anaheim presentation and report
Send Relief offers $4 million to fund EC sexual abuse response, survivor care fund
CP Stories: Kevin and Rebecca Gibbs, Seattle
Elizabeth Benge video
June 2022 Top Five
CP Stories: Jonathan and Melissa Parnell, Minnesota
CP Stories: Derek and Kristin Duvall, Utah
Newly planted Baptist church in Pittsburgh baptizes seven new believers
Send Network hosts leadership development retreat for BRN church leaders
CP Stories: Simon and Popia Sim, Massachusetts
CP Stories: Jared and Jennifer Huntley, Washington, D.C.
CP Stories: Michael and Traci Byrd, St. Louis
CP Stories: Itamar Elizalde, Puerto Rico
Elizabeth Benge Top Five video
March 2022 Top Five
AAEO22 - United
Annie Armstrong Easter Offering 2022
IMB president, Paul Chitwood, visits with refugees, relief workers on Ukraine-Poland border
CP Stories: Amer and Vicki Safadi, Cincinnati
Ukrainian Baptist Church efforts
How you can help the Ukraine Crisis
CP Stories: Travis and Katy Cunningham, Los Angeles
CP Stories: Dustin and Jill Conner, Ontario 
Resources made available for Annie Armstrong Easter Offering
CP Stories: Don & Lanail Hamilton, Kansas City
Cliff Jenkins graduates
BRN’s Cliff Jenkins earns doctorate, leadership award
Cliff Jenkins
50 STORIES OF TRANSFORMATION: Planting Churches, Raising Up Leaders
young child transporting an old plastic bottle full of water
Global Hunger Sunday
Advance slide
Advance Evangelism Conference
Barry Whitworth video
Barry Whitworth explains how the SBC’s Cooperative Program works
BW Video
Barry Whitworth urges Baptist Resource Network churches to embrace Baptism Sunday
Bryant Wright of Send Relief
Send Relief reports help and hope amid pandemic
Tony Evans
Two-day Send Conference emphasizes unity, mission and Gospel focus
Send Relief Backpack Day
Send Relief Backpack Day 2021
Elizabeth Benge video
April 2021 Top Five
equipping for multiplication seminar
Send Network Equipping for Multiplication Seminar: Missional Motive
Young woman getting baptized.
CP: Revitalizing a dying church in Nampa
Annie Armstrong
Who is Annie Armstrong?
March 2021 Top Five
Barry Whitworth video screenshot
Annie Armstrong Week of Prayer and Offering for North American Missions
Annie Armstrong Easter Offering 2021 theme
Annie Armstrong Easter Offering 2021
Elizabeth Benge video
February 2021 Top Five
50 STORIES OF TRANSFORMATION: More than a tree removal team
Crossover Baltimore
Two men talking
Personal Evangelism Commitment Sunday
Baptism Sunday
Annie Armstrong Easter Offering 2021 theme
Week of Prayer and Missions Study for North American Missions and Annie Armstrong Offering
SEND Conference
TRUSTEES: NAMB celebrates offering, passes reduced budget, looks to 2021
Send Relief Day of Service: 7 ways to meet local needs
Support Disaster Relief through your Home Depot and Lowes purchases

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