Jared and Jennifer Huntley came to San Antonio after planting Pillar Church of Washington D.C, where they engaged the military community of the nation’s capital.

Jared and Jennifer began planting churches in military communities after significant experience of their own in the military. Jared had served in the Army and knew firsthand the unique challenges of the military culture. Jennifer also understood what it was like to be a military spouse.

One of the ways that Jared and his team have reached out to new people in military communities is through what he calls “Gospel and Grub.” He leads a team into the city in places with significant foot traffic. For an hour, they pray with and share the Gospel with people they meet. Then, they have dinner together.

The Cooperative Program supports and encourages the ministry of Jared and Jennifer as they engage the military community of San Antonio and share the love of Jesus with them.

Pray today for God to connect the Huntleys to just the right people to help get their new church started.