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Disaster & Crisis Relief

Southern Baptist Disaster Relief is one of the top disaster response organizations in the world because we are able to quickly deploy well trained and experienced volunteers to the point of need and provide logistical support for them. Many disaster relief organizations serve only a humanitarian purpose, but that is not us.  We are compelled by Christ’s love for all mankind AND his desire that no one should perish.  We keep our focus by nurturing our individual relationship with Jesus Christ in the context of a local body of believers who recognize and call out our giftedness in service to God and our neighbors.

Upcoming Trainings

Disaster Relief 101 Badge Certification Online Course (Prerequisite to Advanced Training)

Disaster Relief Badge Certification Course

Advanced Disaster Relief Training, Walnut Creek Baptist Church, Erie, April 26-27


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PA/SJ Disaster Relief looks to ‘build our future’ with DR Ministry Facility
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