David Ludwig, BRN Associate Director of Church Health: Hello, Kenton!

Kenton Hunt, BRN Director of Disaster Relief: Hey, David!

David Ludwig: How are you doing?

Kenton Hunt: I’m doing well.

David Ludwig: Yeah, I’m really excited about the way that we’re bringing disaster relief together with discipleship. I know the vision that you had for this and when we talked about combining these trainings and look at it! It’s actually happening! Tell us!

Kenton Hunt: I’m real excited about this because I’ve always seen disaster relief as a very powerful ministry for churches to use to meet urgent needs most often caused by bad weather. And so we train our volunteers to do that, but the partnership with discipleship makes it possible for us to emphasize what we’re really there for and that’s to make disciples.

David Ludwig: That’s right! And so they’re going to be ready, right? And that was always your heart, that they’ll be in the field. They’ll be working there out the mission field. And as they have opportunities, they are going to be ready to disciple people! And so, what If somebody wants to get trained, and they’re at the disaster relief training. How’s that going to work?

Kenton Hunt: Well, we’re going to train you to clean up a home that’s been affected by a flood. We’ll train you how to use a chainsaw safely. We’ll train you to do other things like how to feed lots of people safely, and there are many other things. But with with D-Life, what I get to do is put in front of our disaster relief volunteers a tool to help them become disciple-makers not just on a disaster response, but at home at their church. And they fulfill the Great Commission by being a disciple-maker and then bring those skills to a response. That’s my dream.

David Ludwig: Yeah. I’m excited about that. And so, there’s going to be some people that maybe are coming for disaster relief training, and they can still get D-Life and then there’s going to be some other people who are maybe not ready for the advanced disaster relief training, but they want to go to the D-Life, and we said we can do that, right?

Kenton Hunt: That’s right. No problem.

David Ludwig: And that’s going to be a win-win. So I’m really excited. I hope that the people that get involved with your training will want to be a part, and I hope that even they will tell other people like, “Hey, there’s going to be both of these things going on. Why don’t you come, too?”

Kenton Hunt: That’s right!

David Ludwig: That would be great!

Kenton Hunt: That would be very great! So, if you’re interested in becoming a disciple- maker, please sign up for that. There are ways to do that. If you’re interested in disaster relief, go to brnunited.org, and you’ll find the signup for disaster relief. And there will be an option to pick D-Life as a course to take.

David Ludwig: Yeah, so sign up we want to see you there!


Though the discipleship training is held in conjunction with the Advanced Disaster Relief training, but you don’t have to be a disaster relief volunteer to attend the D-Life training, nor do you have to take this training to be a disaster relief volunteer. It’s simply another great opportunity to learn about discipleship!