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An initial meeting is held to explain the full transforming/revitalizing process, including a typical timeline and possible outcomes for each stage. The pastor and/or church leader(s) will take a quick readiness quiz to see if the timing is right. Then, the pastor will lead the church into a season of prayer using a 21-Day Prayer Guide provided by the BRN, followed by a Prayer Summit where members will share what they discovered during their prayer time.



After the season of prayer, the pastor and key leaders will meet with a Church Health Team member to discuss what they heard at the Prayer Summit, and further assess their church’s current reality through short surveys, assessments and discussions. A Church Health team member will share results of the assessments with the pastor (and with permission, other leaders) for use in formulating their goals and next steps.



In this stage, the pastor will select key church leaders to form a “Transformation Team” who will work with the pastor throughout the journey to address and help implement needed changes. The Church Health team member will assist these leaders in developing a personalized revitalization strategy (with measurable goals), recommending first steps, and providing specific training on needed content (in-person or online). This includes systems building/changes, coaching, and resourcing.



This stage involves implementing the strategy with ongoing coaching provided by the Church Health team. Pastors will have access to additional training resources and cohorts when available. The Church Health team member will communicate with the pastor monthly, and the Transformation Team quarterly (more often when necessary) to celebrate their progress.



In this final stage, we look for the evidence of developing church health. We believe that one of the best signs of health is new life. This comes in the form of new disciples, new leaders, new ministries, and new churches. We, the BRN, will do all we can to help your church become healthy, and our hope is that you can help other churches do the same. Let’s work together to accelerate Kingdom movement across Pennsylvania, South Jersey and beyond.

Our Vision: That every church in Pennsylvania and South Jersey is a healthy multiplying church.

Upcoming Trainings/Discipleship Groups

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