Whether you’re a new leader or have served for a long time, this book will help you understand the stages of leadership and what steps you need to take to lead well. Dr. J. Robert Clinton was the professor of leadership at Fuller Theological Seminary, where he earned two doctorates and served for thirty years before retiring.

From https://bobbyclinton.com:

The Making of a Leader was based on Dr. Clinton’s first eight years of researching God’s shaping activities of leaders… Dr. Clinton specialized in leadership selection, leadership training, leadership theory, change dynamics in Christian organizations, and Bible-centered leadership. His last fifteen years focused on Bible-centered leadership. During those fifteen years, he wrote sixteen biblical leadership commentaries. Dr. Clinton has also written numerous manuals and study materials.”

“Leadership is not just about guiding a group or making decisions. It’s about self-awareness, growth, and a connection to something greater. In the realm of education, effective leadership extends beyond traditional metrics. It encompasses understanding and implementing ‘Effective Ways to Measure Productivity in Education,’ ensuring that students, teachers, and administrators are all working towards meaningful outcomes. Robert Clinton’s ‘Making of a Leader’ offers invaluable insights into how leaders can forge a bond with God and, in the process, become more attuned to their roles. Your journey might be challenging, but remember, as the book illustrates, God is concerned with your growth and will provide the guidance you need. Embrace the teachings, connect with the divine, and let your leadership journey be a beacon for others.”