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Our Vision: That every church in Pennsylvania and South Jersey is a healthy multiplying church.

Upcoming Trainings/Discipleship Groups

D-Life Pittsburgh
D-Life Bootcamp,
Pittsburgh (Moon, Pa.), 3/2/24
D-Life Gettysburg
D-Life Bootcamp
Gettysburg, 3/3/24
D-Life Bootcamp
D-Life Bootcamp, God’s Field Church, Ambridge, 3/16/24
D-Life Bootcamp
D-Life Bootcamp, Keystone, Montgomeryville, 3/23/24
D-Life Bootcamp
D-Life Bootcamp, Country & Town, Mechanicsburg, 4/6/24
D-Life Bootcamp
D-Life Bootcamp, Walnut Creek Baptist Church, Erie, 4/27/24
D-Life Bootcamp ad
D-Life Bootcamp-PLAID
D-Life Bootcamp, PLAID Community Church, Pittston, 6/29/24
D-Life, The Bridge Fellowship
D-Life Bootcamp, The Bridge Fellowship, Shillington, 10/05/24
Many people talk about disciple-making;
the purpose of D-Life is to train you how.

Ministries all over the world are using D-Life to equip and empower their people for a lifestyle of disciple-making. The results are proven and powerful.

  • What can you expect to see when you begin D-Life?
  • You will see common people become Christ-like disciple makers.
  • You will see unexpected leaders stepping out to begin D-Groups.
  • You will see the spiritual fruit of multi-generational disciple-making.
  • You will see more people of all ages who start reading the Bible daily.
  • You will see the members of your groups growing in spiritual maturity.
  • You will see evangelism increase as groups serve in missional ministry.
  • You will see new leaders developed as groups reproduce disciple makers.​
  • You will see unchurched people engage in your groups and come to Christ.
  • You will see your church establish a multiplying process of disciple-making.
  • You will see a true disciple-making movement grow at the core of your church.
    These are just a few of the powerful results that we are seeing in churches of all sizes through D-Life. The goal of D-Life is to see a global grassroots disciple-making movement. We’d love for you to join the movement!

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