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Cooperative Program

The Cooperative Program is Southern Baptists’ unified plan of giving through which cooperating Southern Baptist churches give a percentage of their undesignated receipts in support of their respective state convention and the Southern Baptist Convention missions and ministries.

*Please note: Above percentages effective 1/1/2024.

Cooperative Program News, Resources, and Events

CP Stories: Noah and Tarin Madden, Massachusetts
CP Stories: Steve and Jen Hagen, Philippines
CP Stories: Stephen and Lisa Shaw, Oklahoma
CP Stories: Jefferson and Carol Hernandez, Virginia
CP Stories: Josh and Beth Glymph, Florida
CP Stories: Joseph and Kristen Gibbons, Las Vegas
CP Stories: Faith Garland, Boston
CP Stories: Noelson and Edna Chery, Philadelphia
Celebrating Cooperative Missions: Cooperative Generosity
CP Stories: Jason and Robin Ebeyer, Asian Pacific Rim Peoples
CP Stories: Wes Blakely, Central Asian Peoples
CP Stories: Brad and Jen McOwen, Indianapolis
CP Stories: Nancy Potter, Asian Pacific Rim Peoples
Celebrating Cooperative Missions: Cooperation for ‘Tatay’
CP Stories: Matthew Knight, Dover
CP Stories: Patrick Stein, Northern African and Middle Eastern Peoples
Haney Love
CP Stories: Juhyun and Mijung Park, British Columbia
CP Stories: Itamar Elizalde, Puerto Rico
CP Stories: Benjamin Breeg, Central Asian Peoples
CP Stories: Jared and Jennifer Huntley, Texas
CP Stories: Wesley and Emily Smyth, West Africa
CP Stories: Ben and Christy Prater, North Africa and Middle East
CP Stories: Amer and Vicky Safadi, Ohio
Celebrating Cooperative Missions: A ‘worthwhile’ investment
CP Stories: Owen Stoddard, South Asian Peoples
CP Stories: Craig and Maggie Coppenbarger, Missouri
The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary announces updates to M.Div program
CP Stories: Naya Wilder, Deaf Peoples
Celebrating Cooperative Missions: A Clemson kind of Cooperation
CP Stories: Brianna McKinney, Colorado
CP Stories: Caroline Anderson, European Peoples
CP Stories: Cesár Guzmán, Puerto Rico
2023 Week of Prayer and Lottie Moon Christmas Offering®
CP Stories: Richard and Karen Lee, Sub-Saharan African Peoples
Celebrating Cooperative Missions: Cooperation across the nations
CP Stories: Josias and Débora Laporte, Canada
CP Stories: Courtney Mobbs, American Peoples
CP Stories: Patrick and Jennifer Grant, Oregon
CP Stories: Joy and Shaun Price, European Peoples
Global Impact Guide
CP Stories: Eric and Anna Trout, Iowa
CP Stories: Daniel and Grace Kim, Sub Saharan African Peoples
CP Stories: Dave and Brie Jacobson, Wisconsin
CP Stories: Sidney Dixon*, South Asian Peoples
Celebrating Cooperative Missions: Cooperation is ‘strategic partnership’
CP Stories: Sammy Ravelo, Chaplain
CP Stories: Michael and Traci Byrd, Missouri
CP Stories: Vesta Sauter, Deaf Peoples
CP Stories: Airenakhue and Obaidiku Aimievbo, Canada
Celebrating Cooperative Missions: Cooperation on campus, at church and in the community
CP Stories: Trevor Yoakum, Sub Saharan African Peoples
CP Stories: Cody Vest, U.S. Army Chaplain
CP Stories: Fred and Damaris Castro, New Jersey
CP Stories: Lena Eckhart*, South Asian Peoples
CP Stories: Roy and Vilmarie Vidal, Puerto Rico
Celebrating Cooperative Missions: The beauty of diversity in cooperation
CP Stories: Carlton and Cornelia Walker, Tokyo
CP Stories: Gregory and Chanelle Barnes, Maryland
CP Stories: Molly Petry, Central Asian Peoples
CP Stories: Cody and Kristen Chester, Florida
Celebrating Cooperative Missions: Cooperation through the years
CP Stories: Rusty Ford, European Peoples
CP Stories: Angel and Vanesa Viveros, Nebraska
NextGen students urge peers to go on mission after serving with Send Relief
CP Stories: Matthew and Ruth Lahey, Newfoundland
CP Stories: Matt and Amanda Hadden, South Dakota
Celebrating Cooperative Missions: A personal take on cooperation
CP Stories: Emanuel and Ioana Grozea, Ridgewood, New York
Barry Video
Barry Whitworth stresses the importance of Annie Armstrong Easter Offering
CP Stories: Philip and Andi Coleman, Anchorage
10 Reasons Camp Matters for Your Church
Together for the Nations: IMB tailors event for missions leaders
FIRST-PERSON: Plan now for Baptism Sunday 2023
CP Stories: Sam and Joanna Choi, Minnesota
CP Stories: Vergil and Kelsey Brown, Oregon
CP Stories: Kay Bennett, Louisiana
Celebrating Cooperative Missions: The CP is a force multiplier
Join IMB missionaries in 24 hours of prayer and fasting for Ukraine
CP Stories: James Smith, European Peoples
CP Stories: Dustin and Danielle Lee, Georgia
CP Stories: Stella McMillian, Asia Pacific Rim Peoples
First Person: God was faithful to George Liele, so I know He’ll be faithful to me
CP Stories: Robert & Danielle Kane, Ohio
Celebrating Cooperative Missions: Cooperation in the Valley
CP Stories: Brent Dorsett*, Central Asian Peoples
New Jersey churches plan to go outside of their building to reach new people in 2023
CP Stories: Steve and Cindy Martins, Canada
CP Stories: Erik White*, Central Asia
CP Stories: Patrick and Anne Stein*, North Africa
CP Stories: David and Shannon Brown, Moldova
CP Stories: Jess and Wendy Jennings
BW Video
Whitworth shares IMB’s sober statistic: 157,690 people are dying daily without Christ
CP Stories: Ricardo & Meyna Barber, Oregon
CP Stories: Kelvin and Elizabeth Joseph*, Europe
CP Stories: Mo and Susan Wildey, Indiana
CP Stories: Ralph & Lovie Adair*, South Asia
IMB Logo - Horizontal
IMB Speaker Request
CP Stories: Rafael Valter, Georgia
CP Stories: Travis & Beth Burkhalter, South America
CP Stories: Victor and Ludmila Moura, Massachusetts
CP Stories: Penny Sargent*, East Asia
CP Stories: Derick & Kayla Sherfey, Colorado
CP Stories: John & Nadine Overton*, Europe and Sub-Saharan Africa
CP Stories: Alex and Jess Garcia, Europe
CP Stories: Cowserts and Keys, American Peoples
CP Stories: Steve and Toni Chambers, New York City
CP: Stories Jeff and Barbara Singerman, Africa
CP Stories: Shahid and Maroofa Kamal, Vancouver
CP Stories: Stuart Robinson, East Asia
CP Stories: Guillermo and Claudia Hernandez, Miami
CP Stories: Nathan and Tessa Baker, Sub-Saharan Africa
CP Stories: Ryan and Kierstin Ivy, Las Vegas
CP Stories: Doug and Cheryl Derbyshire, Southeast Asia
CP Stories: Gerald and Symara Waters, Philadelphia
CP Stories: Lena Eckhart*, Europe
CP Stories: Kevin and Rebecca Gibbs, Seattle
CP Stories: Joe Brewster, Peru
CP Stories: Jack & Prinna Wattanawongsawang,* East Asia
CP Stories: Vivian Carter*, Northern Africa
CP Stories: Jonathan and Melissa Parnell, Minnesota
CP Stories: Angela Dawson, Southeast Asia
CP Stories: Derek and Kristin Duvall, Utah
CP Stories: Caron Johnson, American Peoples
Baptists gear for decades-long trauma care response to Ukrainian refugees
CP Stories: Eric and Anissa Haney, Europe
Send Network hosts leadership development retreat for BRN church leaders
Southern Baptist response teams overflow with compassion
CP Stories: Simon and Popia Sim, Massachusetts
CP Stories: Ray and Sarah Crew*, Northern Africa
SBDR, Send Relief enter new working agreement for disaster relief
CP Stories: Jared and Jennifer Huntley, Washington, D.C.
CP Stories: Michael and Traci Byrd, St. Louis
CP Stories: Itamar Elizalde, Puerto Rico
Ukrainian seminary student in constant contact with family as they help during crisis
Whitworth, Canty give church-planting update
Support Ukraine Refugees (no Text)
‘It just hurts to see:’ responding with prayer amidst the Ukraine crisis
IMB president, Paul Chitwood, visits with refugees, relief workers on Ukraine-Poland border
CP Stories: Amer and Vicki Safadi, Cincinnati
Ukrainian Baptist Church Efforts
How you can help the Ukraine Crisis
CP Stories: Cade and Jenny Wheeler*, Europe
CP Stories: Liz Karwood*, South Asia
CP Stories: Travis and Katy Cunningham, Los Angeles
CP Stories: Mark Chambers, Northern Africa
CP Stories: Dustin and Jill Conner, Ontario 
CP Stories: Mark & Hannah Bustrum, Europe
CP Stories: Ryan & Aubrey Curry, Mozambique
CP Stories: Don & Lanail Hamilton, Kansas City
CP Stories: Katee Sheppard, West Africa
CP: Planting churches in Vista, California
Barry Whitworth Video
Barry Whitworth explains how the SBC’s Cooperative Program works
Cooperative Program Road Map
Wedding Rings Sitting On Open Bible Page
CP: Fostering healthy marriages in Central Asia
Missionaries Johnny And Donna Maust Pictured With Nectar Soap
CP: Growing churches from cooking classes
Mojic And Munko Baldandorj Holding Hands Outdoors
CP: Reaching Mongolians in Oakland
Pastor Ryan McCammack Baptizing In Outdoor Portable Baptistry
CP: Bringing the hope of spiritual reconciliation to Atlanta
Church Planters Bobby And Lakeisha Williams
CP: Loving New Orleans with the deeper love of Christ
Young Woman Getting Baptized.
CP: Revitalizing a dying church in Nampa
Two Individuals Signing In Shadow And Two Hand Drawn Illustrations
CP: Reaching Thailand’s deaf population
Barry Whitworth Video
Barry Whitworth: Cooperative Program solved dilemma of competing and overlapping funding appeals
Cooperative Program Graphic
Cooperative Program Ambassadors Guide
Photo Of Baby Goat Surrounded By Three Individuals
CP: Taking the worry out of practical needs
Ten Percent Header
Ten Percent: A Call to Biblical Stewardship
Cooperative Program Stories
CP: Planting a church in Salinas
Cooperative Program Stories
CP: Voicing the Good News in Japan
Cooperative Program Stories
CP: Planting a church in the Bronx
Cooperative Program Logo
Collection: Cooperative Program
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“Your BRN Family” Guide
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