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“Your BRN Family” Guide

A Welcome Guide to the BRN

Thank you for your interest in the Baptist Resource Network (BRN) and for your partnership in the gospel. The BRN is the fourth largest non-South Baptist state convention by population. Everything we do centers on four key parts of our strategy to help churches accelerate Kingdom movement.

Our team of missionaries offers customized training and resources because we know churches are in different stages of growth. We believe the gospel of Jesus Christ is the main accelerant of the work that churches do across the BRN, because it is the only way to see a multiplication movement of new disciples, new leaders, new ministries and new churches across our two-state region.

If your church desires growth and multiplication, this is your network. At the BRN, we have a clear vision of wanting to see every church within our Pennsylvania/South Jersey geography become a healthy, multiplying church.

In this guide, you will see the resources the BRN provides to assist and encourage you as you embrace your mission. You’ll see the benefits and partnerships that are available to you. Whether you are a new church seeking affiliation with the BRN, an existing church that wants to review the resources of the BRN, or simply a faithful disciple within one of our local churches who wants to know what the broader church is all about, we hope that you’ll find this information encouraging.

Our mission is worth our partnership. Your church can be stronger when we stand together for the gospel, and we’re truly grateful that you’re exploring the BRN.

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