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Alliance Defending Freedom (ADF) Explanatory Brochure

America is becoming increasingly hostile to Christianity. Now is the time for churches to stand together.

ADF Church Alliance, as delineated in this booklet, makes it possible for churches of all sizes and denominations to access practical legal help. Your membership can help protect religious freedom for today and future generations.



You will know the cultural and legal issues facing the Church, so that your church can be prepared. Through our e-newsletters and members-only website, you will have on-demand legal resources tailored to protecting the religious liberty of your church and congregation. You can be confident that we are ready to engage in preserving religious freedom for all churches.


Whenever you have legal questions, you can consult directly with an ADF attorney. That way, you lead your church knowing your legal options. You can have peace of mind as laws change or when confronting legal issues because we help you navigate them. Your church will have ADF attorneys in your corner.


Our attorneys will review your church’s documents – constitution, bylaws, policies, and more to expose and correct areas where your church may be at risk for religious liberty legal issues. Also, if necessary, we can represent your church – free of additional charge – in cases involving your church’s religious freedom.

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