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Everyone wants to have a life with meaning and impact.

Part of that meaningful life is to live in the memory of family, friends, and even ministry partners. Generous giving with eternal impact can indeed create a legacy for families and Kingdom ministries that gives added meaning to your life and can continue after your chapter has ended.

We urge you to pray and ask the Lord for guidance about financially giving through your resources and/or estate towards an endowment to provide critical resourcing and servicing to churches and pastors. Would you consider joining hands with the BRN to make an eternal impact?


Churches and pastors are faced with challenges on a daily basis. These challenges can be culturally sparked, sinfully provoked, relationally straining, financially debilitating, and ministry hindering. We must do all we can to resource and service churches to be as healthy and strong as possible to engage their community with the Gospel while being able to help the pastor(s) be as healthy as they can be to lead and engage. The church is the hero of the gospel story and we desire to help the church be all it can be for the glory of the Lord!

At the end of the day…

Healthy leaders + healthy Kingdom filters + healthy biblical behaviors + heathy ministry mission = healthy churches


Legacy Endowment Fund

The Legacy Fund was created to help the BRN better aid in accelerate Kingdom movement in Pennsylvania and New Jersey churches. The task of servicing, resourcing, and engaging lostness is BIG, and we CANNOT do it alone. This fund ensures that there are resources available to the BRN to help churches with whatever next step God is asking them to take and to ensure there are healthy leaders and members ready to engage their communities and share the gospel.

The Legacy Fund allows for the funding and support of ministries like:

Church Health, Church Revitalization, Church Resourcing & Ministry Grants, Compassion Ministry, Disaster & Crisis Relief, Leadership Internships & Apprenticeships, Next Gen Ministry, Pastoral Wellness, and more!

The Legacy Fund goal is $10 million. This goal would ensure that there are sufficient funds to care well for both churches and pastors in our region. We are so excited to have received $3 million of the goal.

What is an Endowment Fund?

An endowment fund is simply an investment where the principal of funds is invested and the earnings from the investment are used to fund strategic initiatives of a nonprofit. The fund provides an annual, or perpetual, source of revenue.

The Legacy Fund goal is $10 million. This goal would ensure that there are sufficient funds to care well for both churches and pastors in our region. We are so excited to have received $3 million of the goal.


Legacy Guides
Provide and Protect books
Learn More: Legacy Giving Guide

To learn more about how you can impact ministry in Pennsylvania and New Jersey, download the BRN’s Leave A Legacy Guide. Plan for what matters most while leaving a legacy…provide for your family and support Kingdom ministry.

Plan My Estate: Legacy Planning Workshops

The Legacy Planning Workshop will help you understand the importance of preparing for the future. You will be able to take a closer look at your estate and the options available to you. The step-by-step workbook will help you itemize your assets and identify any estate areas you need to address. You will also receive additional information and resources that will help you make informed decisions about how you want to leave a lasting legacy.

We are all stewards of the resources God has entrusted to us. Being able to make wise decisions through our estates is vital to being good godly managers. This workshop also allows the attender to create a free Will.

Create a Will: Giftwise Partnership

Through the BRN’s partnership with GiftWise, you have access to an online Will platform where you can quickly and easily make a legally binding will. Their attorney-built documents are state-specific and come at no cost to you. Though this is not for every situation, this simple Will can be a great solution for you and your family.

If you would like, you can designate an estate gift to the BRN through the creation of a GiftWise Will. This process can take as little as 20 minutes. In this process you will be able to:

  • Create a legally binding Will (a separate notarization may be needed upon completion)
  • Leave a charitable gift of any size to the BRN, your church, or other ministry(s) of your choice
  • Assure a meaningful financial legacy for you and your family

Visit to secure your legacy.

Give to the Legacy Fund Today

Click here to give to the Legacy Fund today!


Non-Cash Gifts, Planned Giving, and Estate Planning

  1., managed by Crescendo, is a thorough explainer of wills, bequests, and estate/planned giving options to help you know what options you have.
  2. Ministry Trust, a ministry partner of the BRN, is a professionally managed and morally screened investment fund designed specifically for long-term ministry dollars. It is strategically structured to provide reliable income for ministry, grow the investment to offset inflation, and remain true to Christian principles. Ministry Trust can assist you when you desire to give non-cash donations. Contact Ministry Trust by phone at (470) 851-2366 or by email at

Contact Chuck Knox, Legacy Coach for the Baptist Resource Network:

(724) 991-5303

Promotional Videos


BRN Church Planting Fund:

The BRN also has a goal of $5 million in a church planting fund. This fund would strategically allow for the BRN to work with established churches to cultivate new ministry and church planting opportunities. This would include: Church Planting Internships, Church Planting Residencies, Church Plant Start-up Funds, Church Planting Training, Partnership with an existing BRN church to fund a new plant, and more. With nearly 14 million people in Pennsylvania and S. Jersey who do not have a personal relationship with Jesus, we cannot adequately reach this number with the gospel without starting new gospel works in our region.

BRN Disaster Relief Fund:

With nearly 1,000 trained volunteers and opportunities for disaster relief work in our region as well as other states, the BRN has a big task of ensuring the work is able to occur. With a goal of $1 million, the BRN seeks to have additional funding each year to assist with DR Callouts, recovery units, costs for doing operations, and most importantly, the ability to share the gospel and the love of Jesus with more and more people through disaster and crisis situations.

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