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COVID-19 Resources

COVID-19 News

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The Coming Pastoral Crash

Our pastoral care providers are maxed out. While some church members might think their preacher’s duties are relaxed, it is actually the opposite. And author John Hobbs believes the impact of ministry job losses, minister burn outs, and ministry suicide is going to be a major event for the church to deal with in the coming year.
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What will the Church look like going forward?

This is a time where churches need to be asking questions. Here are some of the questions that David Ludwig, Baptist Resource Network associate director of healthy churches, is asking.

Former BRN church planters share glimpse of IMB ministry in Asia

The Fraleys, former church planters and pastors in the Baptist Resource Network of PA/South Jersey, have spent the last 15 years in various countries in Asia with the IMB. They give us a glimpse of what the pandemic looks like overseas.
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We’re the oddballs… but we’ve come to it honestly

We all have to work this stuff out in this strange time, and what God has for one church may be the opposite of what He’s calling another church to do.
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Leading the Church into the Future

Effective leaders know what matters. They hold tightly to the mission and the message, but they hold loosely to the means.
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When We Disagree Over COVID-19

Come to think of it, Christians have been fairly consistent in finding fault with the way others have approached life in the church and life as a believer, even as far back as the first century.

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