Hello BRN Pastors and churches!

My name is Kenton Hunt. I am your Disaster Relief Director and I’m ready for COVID to go away. But I’m not gonna sit around and wait for it to happen. I want to help it disappear and you may have the opportunity to do the same.

Titus 3:14 says “Let our people learn to devote themselves to good works for pressing needs, so that they will not be unfruitful.” I want to bring to your attention what MAY be a pressing need right where you live.

As you know, the country is on a tear to get the entire population vaccinated against COVID-19. In both New Jersey and Pennsylvania, there is a breathtaking array of approaches to accomplishing the task. In PA, for instance, it’s the counties that are primarily responsible to set up vaccination sites. Some counties may have things more or less under control. Other counties may be asking Pennsylvania Emergency Management for assistance. And still others have deferred to hospital systems, pharmacy chains, and even Wal-Mart to create and implement a vaccination plan. In Philadelphia, FEMA is running sites. If you feel like the organization of this thing is chaotic and unorganized, please remember that scripture commands us to pray for those in authority. In addition to praying, also consider becoming part of the solution!

I’m urging you to discover where the pressing need is and to step up and volunteer to meet the need. Call your county Emergency Management Coordinator or Health Department and ask this question, “Do you need volunteers to staff vaccination sites?” If they do, find out how to do it. If they don’t, tell them that your church will be praying for their health, safety, and success. Reassure them that your church stands ready to help if needed.

Please check often the brnunited.org website for continually updated information and suggestions on steps you and your church can take to be fruitful in meeting this urgent need in your community.