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Giving Opportunities


Many churches send their financial gifts and offerings via public post. We receive them (payable to Baptist Resource Network) at: Baptist Resource Network, 4620 Fritchey Street, Harrisburg, PA 17109.

However, in addition to mailing contribution checks, churches and individuals can give securely online through our easy-to-use online giving tool. Since we are a network of churches spanning such large territory, two states, and with many partners around the country and world, we find that this safe and flexible option is the easiest way for churches and individuals to give to the Cooperative Program and/or other special offerings.

Set-up automatic payments or make a one-time donation. Here, you can easily manage your giving amount and specify where the funds should be applied.

If you have questions concerning giving or for more information about online giving, please reach out to us by email at


Below is a brief explanation of the Cooperative Program, which is the main ministry and missions funding mechanism for the Baptist Resource Network (BRN) and the Southern Baptist Convention (SBC). Also, we have listed several other giving options that support ministries in Pennsylvania/South Jersey, the nation and the world.

Cooperative Program (CP): 

Giving to the Cooperative Program is what makes Southern Baptists unique as this directly funds ministry/missions efforts in the state, nationally, and internationally. The CP is what makes our organization as well as other SBC entity organizations, such as the International Mission Board and the North American Mission Board, function. In addition to the BRN and the two mission boards, CP supports the six Southern Baptist seminaries and the Ethics & Religious Liberty Commission. This is what we would like to ask your church to contribute towards. The more your church can give to CP the more ministry we can accomplish in Pennsylvania/South Jersey, the nation, and the world. Learn moreGive online

#LovePA State Missions Offering: 

This state missions offering is an annual observance in BRN-affiliated churches that highlights what God is doing across Pennsylvania and South Jersey. Each summer, local congregations learn about, pray for and give to support special ministries, outreach projects and other initiatives, such as collegiate ministries, volunteer ministries, disaster relief, and emergency funding for pastors, which are uniquely connected to PA/SJ Baptists and not funded through regular giving streams. The annual offering is inspired by Ed and Mary Price, early missions leaders who were known for their exemplary service and unwavering dedication to the cause of Christ. Learn more | Give online

#LegacyPASJ Giving: 

Everyone wants to have a life with meaning. Part of that meaningful life is to live on in the memory of family and friends. Generous giving with eternal impact can indeed create a legacy for family and Kingdom ministry that gives added meaning to your life. We urge you to pray and ask the Lord for guidance about financially giving through your resources and estate to benefit the ministry of the Baptist Resource Network and its churches. These funding opportunities have been made possible through a partnership with Ministry Trust LLC, who provides one-on-one private consultation, customized gift projections, tax saving strategies, personal income projections, estate stewardship consultation, giving opportunities through cash and non-cash gifts, planned gifts, & estate gifts. To schedule a workshop in your church about leaving a legacy, contact Chuck Knox, stewardship coach at (724) 991-5303, Learn more | Give online

Annie Armstrong Easter Offering® (AAEO) for North American Missions:

This offering changes lives forever by empowering North American missionaries to bring the gospel to the lost. With over 269 million lost people, North America and its major cities are some of the most spiritually dark places in the world. Join us on the mission to equip every missionary and reach every lost person in the United States and Canada. 100% of AAEO gifts given are used efficiently to support and equip missionaries in North America. The annual offering was named for Annie Armstrong, lay Southern Baptist denominational leader instrumental in the founding of the Woman’s Missionary Union and gathering early offerings to support missions around the world. Learn more | Give online (Select “North American Missions – Annie Armstrong” from Other Missions & Giving Opportunities)

Lottie Moon Christmas Offering (LMCO) for International Missions:

The Lottie Moon offering is similar to the AAEO but it funds and empowers international missionaries to be paid a salary as a missionary and have all the resources that they need to be successful on the field. Southern Baptists’ desire is to have missionaries focus on the lostness of where they are and not have to worry about fund raising or support raising in order to be a missionary. 100% of this offering goes directly to the missionaries on the field or allows for additional missionaries to be sent out across the nation. Learn more | Give online (Select “International Missions – Lottie Moon” from Other Missions & Giving Opportunities)

Global Hunger Relief Fund: 

Global Hunger Relief (GHR) is an initiative of Southern Baptists that was formerly known as the World Hunger Fund. GHR-funded projects combat hunger in North America and around the world in a wide variety of ways, from participating in disaster relief to addressing chronic hunger, from eliminating urban food deserts to helping women rescued from sex trafficking—and much more. Learn more | Give online (Select “Global Hunger Relief” from Other Missions & Giving Opportunities)

BRN Church Planting Fund: 

This is a fund that the BRN has developed to help build strategic monies in order to be successful in church planting across Pennsylvania and Southern New Jersey. These funds are used for various purposes such as assisting with development of planting strategy, funding of Multiplying Church Centers, church planter assistance, and church plant assistance. Learn more | Give online (select “PA/SJ Church Planting” from Other Missions & Giving Opportunities)

BRN Disaster Relief (DR):

These funds are an important piece of the ministry of the BRN. We have a Disaster Relief director and over 700 trained volunteers in Pennsylvania and South Jersey. Funds contributed to DR allow our many volunteers to deploy to directly engage in disaster relief efforts, such as Hurricane Maria in Puerto Rico. Disaster Relief has a huge gospel impact on the lives of those affected by devastation. Please be in prayer about how your church can be a supporter of the Cooperative Program and these other giving options. Learn more | Give online

Again, thank you for your partnership in the Gospel. YOUR GIVING MATTERS!

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