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Cooperative Program Ambassadors Guide

Thank you for your willingness to be a Cooperative Program (CP) Ambassador! As a CP Ambassador, your role will be to help raise awareness and help tell the story of the great things your church is able to accomplish through cooperative ministry.

As a CP Ambassador, you are a CP champion and, just like in Paul’s day, your part in accomplishing the Great Commission is critical!


You will serve as an ambassador and communicator for cooperative generosity by

  • Educating church members on how the gospel is being advanced by your church, through your state and through the national convention
  • Telling the stories of the great things being accomplished by cooperative ministry
  • Inspiring and encouraging church members to become engaged in cooperative missions through generosity and prayer.

The average church member has very little understanding of what the Cooperative Program is and how it works. With your voice church members themselves will become CP champions. Imagine what an impact that would make on your church’s ministries.

The Cooperative Program is the financial fuel for reaching every person in every town, every city, every state and every nation with the gospel of Jesus Christ!

CP Ambassador Guide

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