Medical needs throughout many North African towns are numerous and most people have very few opportunities to receive proper medical care. And so, when free medical clinics arrive, facilitated by missionaries Patrick and Anne Stein*, word spreads quickly. Healthcare professionals at the clinics are ready to use their skills to provide for both physical and spiritual needs.

The Steins train several hundred people each year in Gospel-sharing strategies, and many are used alongside the medical clinics. They see countless relationships built, some that flourish to the point that local believers are asked to start prayer meetings, Bible studies, or even churches! This exposure to the Gospel is unprecedented in most countries where the growth of Christianity is strictly guarded.

THE COOPERATIVE PROGRAM and THE LOTTIE MOON CHRISTMAS OFFERING take the Gospel to the nations and the neighborhoods. Your financial support through these endeavors allows missionaries all over the world to share the good news of Jesus and bring the lost to eternal restoration.

PRAY for the Steins and their work in North Africa, as well as that God would use the conversations that happen in medical settings to not only bring physical healing, but also spiritual rebirth.

*Names changed for security