Missionaries John and Nadine Overton* minister in Milan among refugee communities from Sub-Saharan Africa. Before moving to Italy, the Overtons served in Senegal and Kenya. “The vast majority of migrants from Sub-Saharan Africa are considered economic migrants. This means there is no clear path to legal residency or finding employment legally,” John said. Many live in extreme poverty.

For months during the pandemic, when Milan was not under lockdown, the Overtons handed out “dignity bags” to refugees. The bags contain warm socks, toothbrushes, toothpaste, lotion, tuna, crackers, fruit and wet wipes, as most refugees don’t have access to showers.

The Overton’s hope is to open up a global center that will welcome refugees and immigrants so that they can have a safe space to study Scripture, have spiritual conversations, and study language.

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PRAY for the Overtons as they continue to find ways to minister to and share the Gospel with refugees.

*Names changed for security