On Easter Sunday in 2020, Caleb and Carina Beaty stood by their apartment window and played worship music that echoed through the central courtyard of their Madrid apartment complex.

While their concert led to conversations with neighbors, new friends, and invitations to neighbors’ houses, the Beatys say the most substantial result happened because of an online IMB story that featured their work. Not long after the story was posted, a woman messaged Carina to say she watched the video and explained she had a Spanish exchange student named Maria living with her. She asked if she could connect them. The exchange student had become a Christian and wanted to be discipled.

After Maria returned to Spain, she kickstarted the Beatys’ ministry. Maria invited her family and friends to their small group. She brought a friend to church and frequently shares her faith with those around her.

Carina said this connection was “not because of anything that we’ve done. It’s the Lord working, and it just happened that her host mom saw our video and got in touch with me.”

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Pray that God would continue to use social media to reach many people who need to hear the Good News of Jesus.