As International Mission Board missionary Patrick Stein wondered what it would take to get people as engaged in Bible stories as they were their phone, an idea took shape: why not create oral Bible stories for phones? Because many people use headphones or earbuds, no one would know what they were listening to — creating natural privacy in this Muslim-majority region.

Stein’s team of missionaries and local believers had prayed for the Holy Spirit to show them a new way to reach their city. It took them two years to create 50 Story Together Bible Stories in the local language.

In a region where Christians are often persecuted, anyone can watch the stories on social media and ask questions via the comments. On the other end of the social media is a team of trained local believers who “decided spreading the gospel is worth the risk,” Stein said.

One man saw an advertisement for the stories and engaged with local believers online.

“Then it came time to meet in person,” Stein said. “This man met with our national partner, heard the gospel, and became a follower of Jesus. He is now being discipled using the 50 stories.”

The Cooperative Program (CP) takes the Gospel to the nations and the neighborhoods. Your financial support through CP allows missionaries to share the Gospel in tangible ways.

Pray that God would draw many hearts to himself through the Story Together Bible Stories as they engage with the Gospel online.

Some names have been changed for security reasons.