Ben and Christy Prater, International Mission Board representatives, received bad news from home and went to a little Jerusalem coffee shop to process. José and his wife, Juanita, were Spanish speaking immigrants to Israel and working in this newly opened shop.

By the time the Praters finished their cup of coffee, the two families struck up a friendship. The Praters continued to stop in for coffee and the two families began to share life. Ben and Christy never missed an opportunity to talk about their faith and share Scripture.

José noticed the strength and faith that the Praters had. He blurted out, “I want the peace you have! I believe Jesus is the Son of God and that He died for my sins and rose again.”

José faced struggles as a new believer in the Jewish community, but the Praters were there to help. Through it all, José remained faithful, even taking his family to meetings with other believers. At one of these meetings, Juanita hugged Christy and whispered in her ear, “I want you to know that I believe in Jesus now.”

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Pray that God will continue to give the Praters opportunities to have life-changing gospel conversations as they connect with those in North Africa and the Middle East.

*Some names may have been changed for security reasons.