“When people think of Vegas, they think it’s just casinos,” says Kristen. “But families live here. And we didn’t fall in love with the Strip. We fell in love with the people.”

In 2020, the Gibbons left their home in Alabama to plant Favor City Church in Henderson, Nevada.

“The people who run the Strip live in the surrounding communities,” says Joseph. “And we wanted to meet them in their fast-paced lives and slow things down enough so the gospel could sink in.”

“…People here are wide open to spiritual conversations. As a result, we’ve seen entire families give their lives to Christ. It’s been incredible.”

The Cooperative Program (CP) takes the Gospel to the nations and the neighborhoods. Your financial support through CP and the Annie Armstrong Easter Offering gives missionaries the resources they need to reach their communities with the Gospel of Jesus.

Pray that God would give the Gibbons’ the Wisdom to effectively disciple new believers.