For believers in South Asia, persecution comes in many forms.

Professing faith in Christ can affect believer’s standing within their community and their ability to secure a means of providing for their families. Stoddard watched as his friend Mark left Islam and found faith in Christ. He was baptized and boldly shared with his fellow villagers. His obedience cost him his reputation, and no one would hire him.

Mark’s family struggled to put food on the table but never wavered in their faith. When COVID-19 hit South Asia, the lockdowns left many families without jobs and a way to find food. IMB missionaries saw the desperate need for food and held a relief project. Stoddard’s team selected faithful believers from the community and asked them to list three other families (besides their own) that might need assistance.

Mark selected the man who was the most responsible for his persecution. He ended up giving his own family’s food to his enemy. “Since Mark received the gospel, he has learned to love and forgive, because God in Christ has loved and forgiven Mark,” Stoddard said.

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Pray that God would continue to write stories like Mark’s as Stoddard and his team minister to the lost people of South Asia.

*Some names may have been changed for security reasons.