“How do we become a healthy, biblical church?” two Togolese men asked International Mission Board missionary Trevor Yoakum. Each leading groups of believers in Togo, they desired their groups to go to the next level “so that the church is a true church of Jesus Christ.”

Yoakum was happy to help, and as a professor of practical theology at the West African Baptist Theological Seminary, it was certainly his area of expertise. Using Scripture, he shared with them a list of 12 biblical characteristics of a healthy church and spent time focusing on each characteristic with the men and their churches.

After just a few months, these Togolese church leaders have been seeing the effect of their new understanding of Scripture. “We see that our own words are not enough. We must preach the Word of God, that’s what changes lives.”

The Cooperative Program (CP) takes the Gospel to the nations and the neighborhoods. Your financial support through the Cooperative Program helps missionaries train local believers in how to reach their area with the Gospel.

Pray for Yoakum as he trains leaders in theological education and for those leaders as they take what they learn and apply it to their ministry.