Eight women squeezed into the small private room at the mall. One held out her arm to International Mission Board missionary Lena Eckhart* who squeezed out a thin line of henna, a traditional plant dye used by many women in South Asia.

The women hid in this room at the mall for fear of anyone finding them as they studied the message behind the henna designs — Bible stories. Each week, Eckhart drew a new design and taught a new Bible truth. With the Scripture illustrated on their hands, the women referred to it all week, not only reflecting on it but teaching it to others.

Women began committing their lives to Christ. However, each decision to follow Christ came with persecution as relatives tried to get the women to change their minds. Despite this, the women remained steadfast and grew in their faith, thereby furthering their witness.

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Pray for Eckhart as she continues to share the truth of God’s Word to South Asian women, as well as perseverance despite persecution for both she and the women who choose to follow Christ.

*Name changed for security