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Ready Church: How the Baptist Resource Network can help you become a Ready Church

  • Provide tools to help you understand your Community
  • Provide disciple-making tools to use alongside missional engagement
    • Prepare your families for disaster
    • By helping them anticipate hazards in their community
    • By developing a plan to not simply survive a disaster, but to bringJesus into it
  • Prepare your church for disaster
    • By developing strategies for response
    • By assisting you to create a training process with relevant content
    • By strengthening your ability to be a beacon in the community
  • Prepare your leadership for disaster
    • By equipping them with Biblical response management tools that are situationally adaptable
    • By acquainting them with the culture of emergency management
    • By helping to understand the environment of disaster volunteerism

A READY CHURCH is committed to meeting critical needs through preparation, connection and response.

You are a READY CHURCH when you:

  • Assess Your Community
    • Understand your context
    • Identify needs
  • Target Needs
    • Seek God’s leading in meeting needs He has helped you identify
  • Train to the Task
    • Equip yourself with knowledge, skills, and strategies to respond to real needs quickly, confidently, and competently
  • Send “GO Teams”
    • Extend your church’s reach by sending prepared missionaries into your communities to bring help at just the right time

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