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GuideStone Financial Services

The mission of GuideStone Financial Services is serving churches, mission-sending organizations, as well as ministry-minded individuals with products and services that promote financial health and spiritual wellness – all while honoring the Lord.

Since their beginning in 1918, they have existed to “serve those who serve the Lord with the integrity of our hearts and skillfulness of our hands.” This means they are driven by more than just the bottom line; GuideStone is committed to Do well. Do right. Do MORE.



GuideStone offers market-leading church retirement plans and provides the expertise to match your faith-based organization with the right one for your goals and objectives. Find Out More


GuideStone offers a full suite of insurance solutions — including health, life, dental, accident and disability options to protect your people and church insurance to protect your property. Find Out More


GuideStone combines our focus on risk-adjusted returns with a commitment to Christian values to help meet the financial goals of your organization. Find Out More

Disability, Survivor Protection, and Retirement Contributions

Through a partnership between GuideStone Financial Resources and the Baptist Resource Network of PA/SJ, church staff of partnering churches may be eligible for protection benefits and/or a retirement match. We are happy to provide this benefit to BRN churches who meet the eligibility requirements.


  • Disability Income Benefit

This benefit provides an income of up to $500 per month if you become disabled — with the maximum payout lasting 60 months (five years). Additionally, $35 is contributed to your retirement account each month of your disability. To be considered eligible, the disability must have occurred prior to age 65. You may contact GuideStone directly to request application forms or to discuss disability income payment options.

  • Survivor Protection Benefit

This benefit is paid to your beneficiary if you die prior to retirement. The benefit amount depends upon a participant’s age at death but can be as much as $100,000.* It is paid in addition to the accumulations in your retirement account.

GuideStone Benefits*Eligible participants earn 1/12 of the value of these benefits for each month of participation in the Church Retirement Plan in the 12 months immediately preceding your death or disability.

  • Retirement contribution from the Baptist Resource Network

The Baptist Resource Network may choose to make an annual discretionary contribution to your account should you and your church meet the respective eligibility requirements of the Network.


To be eligible for these benefits, the staff must serve in a paid pastoral role (employed at least 20 hours a week). Additionally, the church must contribute a minimum of $50 per month to the pastor’s retirement through GuideStone. Church leaders who are already fulfilling these eligibility requirements have been receiving the Disability Income and Survivor Protection benefits automatically.

Eligibility Requirements:

To be eligible for the protection and retirement benefits the following criteria must be met:

  1. The minister/staff to receive benefits must be a W-2 employee of the church,
  2. The church in which this minister/staff serves must be in good standing & cooperation with the BRN,
  3.  Church Plants, assessed and funded through the North American Mission Board (NAMB), in which the minister/staff serves must contribute at least $600.00 annually per participating minister/staff to the Cooperative Program through the Baptist Resource Network of PA/SJ,
  4. Churches beyond the planting phase (established churches), or plants not assessed through NAMB, in which the minister/staff serves must be contributing at least $1,000.00 annually per participating minister/staff to the Cooperative Program through the Baptist Resource Network of PA/SJ,
  5. The BRN will consider one-time exceptions for one year if an established church requests and displays financial hardship, but have otherwise been in good standing with the BRN, and
  6. The following are not eligible positions to receive benefits:
    • Church Musicians (this is different than a Minister of Music),
    • Church school, day school, or church day care employees (this is different than a Children’s Minister),
    • Associational employees, and
    • BRN team members who may also work in a cooperating BRN church.

Loss of Eligibility:

Eligibility will be revoked if either of the following conditions occur:

  1. Church Cooperative Program giving falls below $600.00 per participant for church plants, or $1,000.00 per participant for churches beyond the planting phase,
  2. The church decides to send its Cooperative Program monies directly to the National SBC and bypasses the BRN,
  3. The church falls out of good standing with the BRN, as determined by the BRN, and/or
  4. This program ceases to exist.


How can church leaders sign up for this new retirement benefit? Enrollment is automatic for any leader who meets the two eligibility requirements listed above. For leaders not yet in the GuideStone system, the first step is to start a retirement account.

Visit to learn more. To enroll in the Church Retirement Plan, visit

See the attached flyer for more information about these three financial benefits through our partnership with GuideStone.

Need more information, contact the Help Desk.

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