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GuideStone: 2022 Federal Reporting Requirements for Churches

Tax season is around the corner and that means that church reporting obligations are in full bloom.

In order to simplify the tax season, GuideStone – a financial service specific to Southern Baptist churches – is offering a free, downloadable resource. The 2022 Federal Reporting Requirements for Churches covers the basics of withholding and reporting employee income taxes and Social Security taxes as well as other key filing topics specific to ministry.  Some of these topics include: Maximizing tax benefits for your minister, housing/parsonage allowance, accountable reimbursements, complying with federal payroll tax reporting obligations and other important requirements for churches.

The 2022 Federal Reporting Requirements for Churches is written by Richard Hammar, CPA, attorney and specialist in legal and tax issues for ministers, and reviewed by GuideStone to ensure it addresses the tax issues directly affecting Southern Baptist churches.

The PDF version of 2022 Federal Reporting Requirements for Churches can be viewed below, or the resource can be downloaded by visiting

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What is GuideStone?

GuideStone was founded more than 100 years ago to meet the financial needs of retired pastors, their families, and, in many cases, their widows. Today, the organization serves more than 50,00 churches and ministries and 250,000 individuals, including pastors, ministers, church workers, missionaries, hospital employees, university and seminary staff, and countless others serving in ministry organizations around the world.

More information on GuideStone can be found at To learn more about GuideStone’s partnership with the Baptist Resource Network, or to view more resources provided by GuideStone, please visit


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