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IMB: Digital and printed resources for Afghans

As Afghan refugees settle in the United States, an unprecedented opportunity for outreach has been created. In response to the need for resources on Christianity for Afghans, the International Mission Board (IMB) is now providing resources to help churches and individuals share the gospel. These resources have been made possible through the generosity of Prestonwood Baptist Church in Plano, Texas.

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Resources available include:

A Dari Bible

This hardback Bible includes 12 colorful maps. It is available for $16.50.

“A Savior’s Birth” downloadable film in the Dari Language

This resource is a 12-minute film made from “The Savior Film.” It was created to be shared with Dari-speaking refugees in expat communities during the Christmas season as a way of introduction. This film can be downloaded to your phone, placed on USB drives or SD cards, and given to refugees. It is available at no cost.

Dari Gospel of Luke with glossary

This pocket-size Dari translation of the Gospel of Luke is easy to read and a great starter booklet for those seeking to know more. It features a glossary with over 100 key words and is 144 pages. It is available for $3.

“What is Christianity”

This is a Farsi translation of the book “Beliefs and Practices of Christians: Letter to a Friend” by William Miller. It provides a sensitive presentation and overview of the Christian faith and practice. This resource is an ideal introduction for seekers and is recommended by Afghan Christians. It is available for $4.

The Gospel of Luke in English and Dari

This 108-page resource is easy to read and good for language study and ESL classes. The Dari text is taken from the New Dari Version 2018. The English text is taken from the Good News Translation. It is available for $5.

Dari resources SD cards 

These 16 GB microSD cards are an excellent way to share audio, video and print resources with people. They come loaded with the following Dari language resources:

  • The Savior Film
  • The Jesus Film
  • Magdalena Film
  • Afghan radio programming
  • Afghan testimonies
  • Afghan Bible stories
  • Afghan music

The microSD cards will work with computers or any Android phone. A pack of five is available for $20.

Afghan resources USB media drive

This USB drive contains over 20 GB of media for use with Dari and Pashto speakers and is an excellent way to share resources. A user can distribute audio, video and print materials to computers, some iPads and most Android phones instantly. Rotate the drive to switch from USB-A to USB-C.

The USB drive comes preloaded with the following Dari language resources:

  • The Savior Film
  • Destiny videos
  • New Testament audio
  • “What is Christianity?” audio
  • The Jesus Film
  • Magdalena Film
  • Afghan Radio programming
  • Afghan testimonies
  • Afghan Bible stories
  • Afghan music
  • Dari Bible app for Android

The USB drive also comes preloaded with the following Pashto language resources:

  • The Jesus Film
  • The Magdalena Film
  • Bible in audio format
  • “What is Christianity?” audio
  • Pashto Bible app for Android

It is available for $20.

LightStream Wi-Fi and Bluetooth Hotspot

The LightStream is a portable media distribution device that can get digital evangelism and discipleship materials in the Dari language onto people’s phones instantly. It creates a Wi-Fi hotspot that phones can connect to and then stream resources. These devices can be placed in locations where many Afghans gather, and they can easily download information.

Included with the LightStream is a Quick Start guide and a micro-USB charging cord. It is available for $135.

These products have been procured by the IMB Scripture resource team after hearing requests from churches and conventions for resources to reach Afghan refugees.

Don Barger, IMB’s global consultant for Scripture resources, said that the most common request is for a Bible in the language of Afghans. However, he explained, those working closely with Afghans shared that, as largely oral learners, “a more effective way to reach our Afghan neighbors is to use one of these other resources we have gathered. They may be more open to these types of resources.”

Barger emphasized, “We do want to provide Bibles to any Afghan who requests one.”

The resources are provided at This service is the first of its kind in the United States, and to make them readily available, the IMB has partnered with other global ministries.

What is the International Mission Board (IMB):

Christ commissions His followers to go and make disciples throughout the world. To play our part in fulfilling Christ’s commission, IMB partners with local churches to empower limitless missionary teams who are making disciples and multiplying churches among unreached people and places to the glory of God. Learn more about the IMB at:

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