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Campers on Mission

Campers on Mission is a fellowship of evangelical Christian campers with a shared mission: to share our faith and the love of Jesus Christ while camping and participating in various mission activities. Our objectives are rooted in God’s Holy Word, and we strive to bear witness to the saving power of Jesus Christ as we relate our Christian faith to all those we encounter.

As members of Campers on Mission, we have extraordinary opportunities to serve others and share the Gospel beyond the confines of our church walls. Our passion for camping serves as a platform to reach out and demonstrate Christ’s love through acts of kindness, witnessing, and heartfelt service. We travel in our RVs to spread the Good News, living out the motto of “Sharing Christ As We Go.”

Our mission projects encompass a wide range of activities, touching lives in various areas of ministry. From working with youth and children camps to engaging with fair and festival attendees through face painting, witness bracelets, and Christian puzzles, we are committed to sharing the Gospel with everyone we encounter.

We actively support church construction and renovation projects, extending a helping hand to churches and associations in planning their Campers on Mission initiatives. Our involvement in campground ministries, door-to-door outreach, evangelism, and seafarers’ ministry reflects our dedication to serving wherever there is a need for God’s love and support.

As part of Campers on Mission, you can enjoy the adventure of camping while using your Christian faith and talents to make a difference in the lives of others. There are countless types of projects and places where you can serve, making the most of your camping experience. Join us now and fellowship with other born-again Christians as we serve together, sharing Christ “As We Go.” We invite you to become a part of this fulfilling journey as we work hand in hand to make a positive impact across the nation.

Pennsylvania/South Jersey has recently started to begin a chapter of Campers on Mission.  We also invite people who do not have a state chapter like NY, VT, NH, CT, MA,RI, DE or MD.  Eventually, we will probably create other state chapters, but initially we will work together as Northeast America.

If you are interested in Campers on Mission, see us at a table at the Accelerate Conference in October in Harrisburg, Pa.,  or contact Bill & Sue Hoops at  You can look up the Campers on Mission Website at

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