Hello, BRN Family! It’s good to be with you today!

I pray your observance of Christ’s death and resurrection had great impact on your communities. I am already hearing great stories of many who have been led to salvation. Praise God! Please let me know your stories as well. I am sensing that God is moving in our region in very special ways!

In recent years, the North American Mission Board has hosted Baptism Sunday as a way to celebrate how God is moving all across North America. This year, Baptism Sunday will be held this weekend, the Sunday after Easter.

Baptism Sunday is a day for churches to celebrate professions of faith in response to evangelism. God is using evangelistic efforts to prepare a harvest of new believers, and churches across the convention are encouraged to call for people to respond to God’s call for salvation and then to take the first step of obedience by being baptized.

Who do you know who has not been baptized? Who can you pray for God to move in their hearts? We join you in praying for those in your families, churches, and neighborhoods who need to take this vital step!

After observing this special Sunday, please share your stories with us! Send them to our Help Desk at helpdesk@brnunited.org and to NAMB at evangelism@namb.net or post on social media platforms using the hashtag: #FillTheTank. May it be that baptism tanks are filled up THIS SUNDAY all across Pennsylvania and South Jersey!

Thanks for listening in today. May God bless you!