Hello, BRN Family. It’s good to be with you today.

This week marks the beginning of the Annie Armstrong Easter Week of Prayer and Offering. This is a highlight that’s done each year by the North American Mission Board. And one of the featured missionaries is our very own Noelson Chery and his dear wife Edna. Noelson is BRN’s Ethnic Church consultant, operating out of Philadelphia. Noelson, tell us about your church in Philadelphia.

Noelson Chery: My church is First Haitian Metanoia Church. The church is located in Philadelphia, and we’re made of young generations and older generations working together in the field for the Lord. Amen.

Barry Whitworth: Amen. And are you encouraged by the work that God is doing through your church currently?

Noelson: It is beyond anything that we could have or we could have imagined. It’s so beautiful. Oh, yes. I am. I, we, are all the more encouraged by what’s going on in our lives and what the Lord is doing in our midst. We can see that.

Barry Whitworth: Amen. How encouraging is it for you right now to be featured as one of the Annie Armstrong missionaries for this year.

Noelson CheryOh my God, elated! We praise God! Cards have come from so many places. Young kids and adults writing us words … from heaven! We are blessed beyond measure.

Barry Whitworth: It’s nothing like being prayed, right, as a missionary and as a pastor, and I’m so glad that NAMB chose you and Edna to be featured for the week of prayer this year. I want to ask you in just closing this time, if you would pray for all North American missionaries and especially for those other six couples that are being featured in this week’s prayer and offering.

Noelson Chery: Hallelujah! I will be happy to do that. Father God, we come to You, and You alone come to, could do, and are doing, with the wonderful things that you are doing in our lives. Thank you for taking us from all over the world bringing us in places where you wanted us to be, God, to change us first and to do changes by us, Oh God. I pray for missionaries all over the world. I pray for our friends who are featured this week just like us, just like we are, Father God. I pray for NAMB. I pray for all of our brothers giving and encouraging into Your ministry, oh Lord. May your name be glorified, Oh God. You are … yes, obviously, You are wonderful. We praise and worship You for using us in the name of Jesus. Amen.

Barry Whitworth: Amen. Thanks for listening in today. I would encourage you as a church, as a pastor, to take that week’s emphasis and pray for these missionaries as well as other NAMB missionaries that are serving so faithfully in North America. God bless you, and thank you for listening in today.