Upside Down Leadership is not a new book. I read it years ago and forgot about it until recently. This past month, I read it again. It’s one I learned a good deal from in the past, and again recently. It’s also another very approachable read, written in many small segments.

In this book, Taylor Field, pastor of Graffiti Church (East 7th Baptist) and director of Graffiti Community Ministries in New York City for the over 30 years,  points the leader to less busyness, less planning, and less visibility. A leader is to quietly wait on God always, to listen and care about others and most importantly never to go anywhere, make any plans, or do anything without hearing from God first and having that leading confirmed by those we respect in the community of faith. It can be challenging to lead when God makes all the plans, but this strategy will never result in our walking and leading in the wrong direction.