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Annie Armstrong Easter Offering 2021

Week of Prayer for North American Missions

March 7-14, 2021
National Offering Goal: $70 Million

The North American Mission Board serves a diverse and complex region comprised of the United States, Canada and U.S. territories of Puerto Rico, Virgin Islands, Guam, and American Samoa.

Here, the North American Mission Board sees a mission field that needs the hope of the gospel. With your partnership, we’re committed to taking this hope to cities, small towns and college campuses.

Your prayers and gifts to the Annie Armstrong Easter Offering® provide support for thousands of missionaries. These men and women are planting new churches in unreached communities and meeting needs through compassion ministries. Every day, lives are being impacted and transformed.

The needs are great, but the living hope of Christ is greater. Thank you for reaching out with hope to your own community and for your passionate support for North American Missions.

Week of Prayer

The Week of Prayer is annually observed by SBC churches to pray for missionaries, their ministries and their families. Prayer is the fuel for spiritually sustaining missionaries in places where the gospel is greatly needed, but often opposed.

The official date is the first Sunday in March through the second Sunday. Your church can choose this date or another time during the Easter season to participate.

In addition to downloading these items, if your church needs additional prayer guides or envelopes, please contact us at the Helpdesk at

Day One

Shahid & Maroofa Kamal
Delta, British Columbia

Shahid Kamal’s God is a living God—One who answers prayer. Shahid and his wife, Maroofa, spend their lives introducing Him to the more than 300,000 South Asians who call the Greater Vancouver area home.

“Hindus have many visible gods, and Sikhs have many gurus,” said Shahid, who planted South Asian Community Church in Surrey, part of metro Vancouver. “In the midst of this complex situation, we are trying to help them to know, believe and receive Jesus Christ…” Read their story


  • For the church’s prayer ministry to continue to open doors for the gospel.
  • For South Asians in Surrey to be drawn toward Jesus.

Day Two

Ryan & Tricia McCammack
Avondale Estates, Georgia

DeKalb County, Georgia is a picture of diversity—and vast need.

There’s a beautiful array of cultures but also brokenness. Many homes don’t have dads in them. The abortion rate is high. There’s division from racial and socioeconomic tensions… Read their story


  • For the McCammacks to reach the diverse communities in their area.
  • For the church members to display Christ’s reconciling love.

Day Three

Victor & Ludmila Moura
Somerville, Massachusetts

Victor and Ludmila Moura were comfortable in Brazil. He was a pastor of a growing church, and she was a government lawyer doing well in her career. Over time, though, they felt God leading them in an unexpected direction—to plant a church for Brazilians in Boston, home to one of the largest immigrant populations in the U.S.

Their goal is for the new church, with services in both Portuguese and English, to be a place where those struggling to find their identity can find it in Christ… Read their story


  • For Victor and Ludmila to successfully reach young Brazilians
  • For new believers to grow into strong leaders

Day Four

Anders & Jessica Snyder
Nampa, Idaho

Moving from Denver to a small town they had never heard of in Idaho was not in Anders’ and Jessica’s plans. But it fit where they felt the Holy Spirit was guiding them—to help a dying church come back to life and reach its community.

In 2018, they launched the replant of Calvary Church Nampa. The neighborhoods around the once-vibrant church are now aging and declining with a mix of Anglo and Hispanic residents. Drugs are a big problem—so are poverty and depression… Read their story


  • For the Snyders to have wisdom in how best to serve and reach their community.
  • For neighbors to be drawn to the hope of the gospel

Day Five

Joshua Valdez
Farmington, New Mexico

Joshua Valdez says his city is a place of emotional and spiritual darkness. It’s a melting pot of culture and religion. Its residents are mostly Hispanic and Navajo, and the Navajo are very much “a forgotten people,” said Joshua, who also has both heritages.

The people have one common struggle—they often battle feelings of despair or worthlessness. He observes that as a church planter and at his job as an intervention specialist at a local high school… Read his story


  • For more students to join Joshua’s Bible studies
  • For the members of Higher Ground Church to be a light to their community.

Day Six

Bobby & Lakeisha Williams
Slidell, Louisiana

Bobby and LaKeisha Williams have a simple goal—to meet the deep need of New Orleans with the even deeper love of Christ.

In the city, some buildings are still boarded up from Hurricane Katrina in 2005. The area around the Williamses’ church plant is predominantly African American and low-income. “A lot of what we strive to do is provide resources,” Bobby said. “We try to educate people spiritually, financially, intellectually, you name it…” Read their story


  • For Bobby and LaKaiesha to persevere in ministry
  • For the church’s compassion ministries to open doors to share the gospel

Day Seven

Jacob & Francine Zailian
Sanger, California

Jacob knows the homeless, drug addicts and gang members of Sanger. He used to live among them before he went to jail and met Jesus there.

Now he and his wife, Francine, are reaching those who “would scare people who go to most churches,” Jacob said. Through Set Free Church, they take the gospel to the streets to reach the people others might see as a “lost cause…” Read their story


  • For God to transform hearts in Sanger with the gospel.
  • For resources to maintain and expand the discipleship house ministry

Day Eight

Steadfast On Mission
Kevin Ezell, NAMP President

When missionaries answer the call to the mission field, they expect to encounter challenges, but no one could have planned for a global pandemic that radically altered everyday life.

Your North American missionaries are displaying courage and vision. They are changing course, innovating and discovering ways to continue sharing the gospel, making disciples and bringing hope. Hear from Keven Ezell


  • That times of crisis have opened new doors to the gospel.
  • That they, and we, would not grow weary in sharing the gospel

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Week of Prayer Videos:

Feel free to download these videos to show at your church or on your social media channels.

Day 1:

Shahid & Maroofa Kamal Delta, British Columbia

Day 2:

Ryan & Tricia McCammack, Avondale Estates, Georgia

Day 3:

Victor & Ludmila Moura, Somerville, Massachusetts

Day 4:

Anders & Jessica Snyder, Nampa, Idaho

Day 5:

Joshua Valdez, Farmington, New Mexico

Day 6:

Bobby & Lakeisha Williams, Slidell, Louisiana

Day 7:

Jacob & Francine Zailian, Sanger, California

Day 8:

Steadfast On Mission, Kevin Ezell, NAMP President

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