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BRN Disaster Relief Director Kenton Hunt urges churches to send volunteers to assist with flood clean-up after Hurricane Ida passed through Bucks County, Montgomery County, Philadelphia and York County. Click the button below to sign up.

Southern Baptist Disaster Relief is one of the top disaster response organizations in the world because we are able to quickly deploy well trained and experienced volunteers to the point of need and provide logistical support for them. Many disaster relief organizations serve only a humanitarian purpose, but that is not us.  We are compelled by Christ’s love for all mankind AND his desire that no one should perish.  We keep our focus by nurturing our individual relationship with Jesus Christ in the context of a local body of believers who recognize and call out our giftedness in service to God and our neighbors.

Disaster Relief News, Resources, and Events

Man Receiving Vaccination
BREAKING NEWS: Volunteer your church to provide resource support for vaccine distribution
50 STORIES OF TRANSFORMATION: More than a tree removal team
PA/SJ State Missions Offering (Alternate Week)
PA/SJ State Missions Offering (Traditional Week)
Disaster Relief Participants
Disaster Relief Appreciation Day
Disaster Relief has new Command and Communications Unit
Support Disaster Relief through your Home Depot and Lowes purchases
Disaster relief volunteers respond in aftermath of Hurricane Isaias
Barry Whitworth excitedly promotes this year’s PA/SJ State Missions Offering
August 2020 Top Five
Celebrating God’s provision during the pandemic
Screenshot Of Kingdom Vision Logo Opener
Barry Whitworth shares ‘Kingdom Vision’
Semi-truck On Highway
PA/SJ Disaster Relief (DR) Transportation Guidelines
Food Boxes
PA/SJ Disaster Relief Director Kenton Hunt gives COVID-19 update
College Students Lay Flooring In A Homeowner's House That Was Ruined By Hurricane Florence.
College students spend spring break in North Carolina
Pennsylvania’s Food Bank networks say, ‘Yes, we are open!’ — Volunteers welcome!
Southern Baptist Disaster Relief COVID-19 Response
Rob Wilton
Southern Baptists organize to help amid COVID-19 crisis
PA/SJ Disaster Relief to assist with COVID-19 response
Kingdom Vision State Missions Offering
PA/SJ State Missions Offering (Alternate Week)
Kingdom Vision State Missions Offering
PA/SJ State Missions Offering (Traditional Week)
Disaster Relief Volunteers Dressed For Mud Out.
Emergency management student loves disaster relief
IMB, NAMB to join in Send Relief efforts
Santiago And Send Relief Volunteers
Missionary bringing faith, hope to Puerto Rico’s rebuild
DR Flood Recovery Manual Feature
PA/SJ Flood Recovery Manual
SBDR Church Preparedness Manual
Disaster Relief Church Preparedness manual
POSTPONED: Advanced DR Training – Living Faith Baptist Church
POSTPONED: Advanced DR Training – Cross Creek Community Church
POSTPONED: Advanced DR Training – Ezekiel Baptist Church
Basic DR Training-Faith Community Church Lakeside
Basic DR Training-Cross Creek Community Church
Basic DR Training-Great Commission Church
Chainsaw Work
Disaster Relief Appreciation Day
Kenton Hunt honors 2019 Disaster Relief volunteers
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