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PA/SJ Disaster Relief (DR) Transportation Guidelines

For volunteers who are interested in providing transportation for PA/SJ Disaster Relief

Equipment Requirements:

  1. All tow vehicles must have current registration, insurance and state inspection.
  2. All tow vehicles must NOT exceed their registered towing capacity.
  3. All tow vehicles must have an electric brake controller (mounted or internal).
  4. All tow vehicles that may transport the Communications Center and/or the kitchen unit must have a minimum of a Class 8 combination weight sticker and a 1 ton truck with a fifth wheel and bumper hitch with a 2 1/4 inch receiver.
  5.  If possible, tow vehicles should have an insert with a 2 inch or 2 5/16 inch ball.

Personal Responsibilities:

  1. All drivers must be a member in good standing with a Southern Baptist Church and have a current DR Training Certification.
  2. All drivers must have a current state driver’s license.
  3. All drivers transporting the Communications Center and/or the kitchen unit must have a minimum Non-Commercial Class A CDL.
  4. All drivers must have a clean driving record and abide by all traffic laws.
  5. All drivers should have some experience pulling a trailer.
  6. All drivers should keep their contact information and vehicle information up to date. Con-tact DR Transportation Coordinator, Bob Strobel, 724-510-1736 with new information.

Disaster Relief Responsibilities:

  1. DR will give as much notice as possible when equipment needs to be moved.
  2. DR will reimburse cost for fuel and tolls when moving equipment. You will be required to turn in receipts.
  3. DR will provide insurance on State owned equipment. Church owned equipment is in-sured by the church or association. Your personal auto insurance should cover the unit being towed, however, DR’s insurance will cover any costs that your auto insurance does not cover.
  4. DR will not assume responsibility for repairs in the event of a personal vehicle break-down.
  5. DR will not assume responsibility for traffic violations or citations.

Any questions concerning these requirements and information updates should be directed to DR Transportation Coordinator, Bob Strobel at (724) 510-1736. He will be working with with State Director Kenton Hunt overseeing the coordination and transportation of our Disaster Relief equipment.

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