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Alliance Defending Freedom (ADF) Church Partnership

Is your church legally prepared and protected?

The culture is changing. Threats to religious freedom are significant and growing.

  • Is your church equipped to handle legal challenges related to sexual orientation and gender identity?
  • Are your church bylaws, policies, and other governing documents providing adequate legal protection for your church’s religious freedom?
  • Is your church proactively reducing the risk of challenges to your religious freedom?
  • Do you have like-minded Christian counsel helping you navigate changing religious freedom legal trends?

ADF Church Alliance, in partnership with the Baptist Resource Network, is an affordable legal membership program for churches. We help protect your right to operate, teach, and minister according to biblical principles – without fear of unjust government intervention.

ADF Church Alliance Member Benefits

Practical legal help for your church

Churches need legal help so they can freely minister in a changing culture. But few have legal staff or access to attorneys who are familiar with legal issues unique to churches – legal issues that can impact church operations, and, ultimately, the spread of the Gospel.

ADF Church Alliance membership provides practical legal help to churches so they can freely preach and live the Gospel.

Religious liberty audit

ADF reviews your church’s documents to expose and correct areas of legal risk. We help with your church constitution, bylaws, employment documents, policies and more. We even provide you with sample documents if your current documents are incomplete. Don’t wait until your documents are “perfect” to send them – we’ll help you regardless of your documents’ current state.

Direct access to attorneys

Consult with ADF attorneys whenever you have legal questions.

Access religious liberty resources

Know the trending legal issues churches are facing across the country, so you are prepared.

  •  You receive email updates on new legal issues affecting churches.
  •  Monthly e-newsletters deliver reliable news to your inbox.
  • You can access a members-only site with legal resources and guides for you and your congregation.
    Make sure churches have the legal representation they need.
  • If necessary, we can represent your church – free of additional charge – in a case involving your church’s religious freedom.
  • Give churches confidence to freely live and preach the Gospel.

Pro bono legal representation

ADF can represent your church in cases involving its religious freedom

Members of BRN get a discount on ADF Church Alliance membership. Apply online at Enter promo code BRN250 for a $250 membership. *Church plants: If your church was established less than one year ago, use promo code ChurchPlant for a $100 membership.

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