PHILADELPHIA (BRN) – At Drexel University, this evangelism grant was used in many ways for one purpose: to share the gospel.

The Lord opened up opportunities for me to train and encourage people from Vietnamese, Indian, American, Korean and Nigerian backgrounds and to have gospel appointments of their own personally and with their churches.

I also had the opportunity to meet one-on-one with people from Pakistan, India, Nigeria, Vietnam, America, England and Korea to share the gospel with them. It is amazing how globally connected you can be sitting in a coffee shop in Philadelphia.

For instance, I had the opportunity to meet the grandparents of my Indian friends over Facetime. After having meaningful faith conversations, the thought occurred to me that the person I was speaking with has direct links to an unreached people group – the world is here. This evangelism grant gave me the ability to sit across the table from the world and share the goodness of Christ.

Through these gospel appointments, the gospel was shared with a total of 50 people. The gospel was shared in many ways: through Bible story-ing, three-circles, everyday conversations, Soularium cards, one-on-one and in a group.

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