PITTSBURGH (BRN) – This was a conference for college students that emphasized the call to GO and make disciples as Jesus calls us to do in Mark 16:15 and Matthew 28.

The event included some time for community bonding and worship, but the main aspect of it was four sessions that described missional living in this day and age. The event began with a session on the call to salvation. The call for God’s people to GO was framed in His call to each of us to accept His call to first be saved. This session included an outline of the gospel and our rightful response to it.

Throughout the conference, our students got to learn the what, why and how of following Jesus’ call to GO and make disciples. From the University of Pittsburgh, we had three students attend the conference.

One cool takeaway from the conference was that one of the students recalled one of the sessions where Jesus sent his disciples two-by-two. He said that he wants to apply that method with his engineering friends that don’t know Jesus. We talked about his next steps for evangelism and how he can bring the gospel to his unbelieving classmates with the help of fellow Christians.

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