Hello BRN Family! It’s great to be with you today! I have some good news to share. Just last month, Kenton Hunt, BRN’s director of disaster relief, received recognition for his work with the Pennsylvania Voluntary Organizations Active in Disaster (VOAD), an organization of nearly 30 disaster/crisis relief organizations throughout the state.

Kenton, who currently serves as the Pennsylvania VOAD president, received the Shirley Norman Award, which is given annually during the PA VOAD conference and is given to a VOAD member who best exhibits her spirit and commitment of service to others and to the advancement of VOAD throughout the Commonwealth of PA.

Also, Kenton has announced that PA VOAD has been presented with the State/Territory VOAD of the Year Award during the National VOAD Conference in Baltimore back in May.

We are so proud of Kenton and the efforts of many disaster relief volunteers across our region!

The growing partnerships help Southern Baptists in Pennsylvania to truly love their neighbors. Kenton put it this way: “It becomes a circle – we train volunteers from our churches, they go out and do the work and share the gospel, people come to the Lord and get connected to our churches, where they become disaster relief volunteers.”

Through God’s faithfulness, this cycle has now been extended to the state level as the BRN served as the fiduciary between the state and the PA VOAD. Praise the Lord! Next time, you see Kenton Hunt, please affirm him for a job well done!

Are you interested in Disaster Relief? You can learn more about BRN’s Disaster Relief webpage at brnunited.org/dr. Thanks for listening in today and God bless you!