ELKHORN CITY, KY (BRN) – Since the end of July, Kentucky has experienced devastating flooding, with many residents losing their homes, belongings and, in some circumstances, their loved ones.  

To help those impacted by this natural disaster, the Baptist Resource Network’s (BRN) Disaster Relief (DR) team has prepped two groups of volunteers from Pennsylvania and South Jersey to go and serve.  

The first team arrived in Kentucky on Aug. 6, and will wrap up their efforts tomorrow in Eastern Kentucky, while the second team will arrive this weekend to follow up on the work Team One has started. 

Team One from Pennsylvania/South Jersey consists of eight out of 61 Southern Baptist Disaster Relief (SBDR) volunteers working this week with Alabama Disaster Relief to serve the flood-affected residents of Pike County, Kentucky.  

So far, the DR volunteers have nearly completed one job and started a second. Team Two from Pa. and S. Jersey will arrive on Saturday to begin their efforts. They will remain in Kentucky until Friday, Aug. 19. 

How to pray: 

  • Pray for a powerful spiritual awakening to come out of this response 
  • Pray for strong teams of volunteers from BRN and partner state conventions 
  • Pray for wise leadership 
  • Pray for safe travel and protection from injury on the job 
  • Pray for the joy of the Lord to overflow from the labors of SBDR Volunteers 

How to give: 

  • Give Your Time – There is always a need for more DR volunteers! If you are a trained DR volunteer or a chaplain interested in helping with the Kentucky flood-relief efforts, email BRN Disaster Relief director Kenton Hunt at disasterrelief@brnunited.org.
  • Give Financially – Every little bit helps our teams have what they need to serve well. If you’d like to give financially to the DR efforts in Kentucky, visit the BRN’s Disaster Relief donation page.

Learn MoreGive

If you’re interested in getting involved with DR efforts, such as the flood clean-up in Kentucky, you can learn more or start your volunteer training today at brnunited.org/dr.