Hello, BRN Family! It’s good to be with you today!

During our Accelerate Conference in October, we introduced “GROW,” Phase 3 of the #LovePASJ initiative to love our neighbors in Pennsylvania and South Jersey. Specifically, we shared how this kit focuses on intentional discipleship and leadership development.

Phase 3 resources include Discipleship/Leadership Development Guides, a Prayer Guide, a Small Group Bible Study, Spiritual Health Assessments, Scripture Memorization Cards, and so much more!

Let me show you!

First, here is a Descriptor, which shares about this initiative and explains what is in the kit. You’ll note that like our previous two campaigns, KNOW and SHOW, this GROW kit offers several helpful resources.

One such resource is a booklet called “Creating a Culture of Generosity,” which teaches on the importance of generosity in the life of a disciple. Also, for the third year, Brian Musser, our collegiate minister at Drexel University, wrote our #LovePASJ Small Group Bible Study. Entitled “A Growing Love for God: Discipleship in Light of the Great Commandment,” this study focuses on discipleship.

And this year’s “21 Days of Prayer” prayer guide, written by our BRN team members, focuses prayer on these intentional discipleship and leadership development.

We also have a series of brochures to help you assess your church in those areas, such as “Benchmarks of a Christian Disciple” and “Benchmarks of a Servant Leader” as well as a copy of BRN’s Spiritual Health Assessment. In addition, we have content for discipling women, discipling in challenging contexts, and discipling those struggling with church hurt, as well as “Six Biblical Ways to Pray for Other Believers.”

But there is more! We have bookmarks, designed to help you discover more about what you are reading in Scripture. They have a set of questions you can ask every time you read your Bible!

There are prayer door hangers, which can be used to teach your church how to engage with and pray for their neighbors. And there are Scripture Memorization Cards to assist you in memorizing Scripture. There are even digital cards you can post online. Also online, you will find presentation slides, videos and more.

This kit is available to you. Simply request one at www.lovepasj.com. May 2024 be a banner year for you and your church’s growth through intentional discipleship and leadership development.

Please know I am praying for you. If you need anything, please contact us at our Help Desk at helpdesk@brnunited.org or call or text (717) 652-5856.

Thanks for listening in today. May God bless you!