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Stanley Williams

Director of BRN Next Collegiate Ministry

Stanley Williams, the new BRN Next Gen Director, oversees our convention’s ministries to the Next Generation (youth and young adults) with a principle focus on the collegiate ministry.  He has served as a collegiate missionary for the North American Mission Board since 2001.

Stanley’s background in collegiate ministry dates back to his college years where, as an undergraduate at Howard University (Class of 1987) he grew deeper and stronger in Christian faith and spiritual disciplines.  “Had it not been for the pivotal role of Rev. Eugene Burrell and the Navigator’s Christian Fellowship of Howard University, I do not know where I would be or how I would have avoided a mediocre experience as a Christian and an undergraduate,” he said.

Stanley has an abiding visceral sense of calling to engage the next generation.  For the course of over 35 years of vocational Christian ministry, he has served campus ministries and congregations in Alaska, Texas, Illinois, Pennsylvania and New Jersey.

If the Lord says the same, Stanley will complete his Master of Divinity degree in Great Commission Studies from The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary in May 2022.

His ministry passions are impacting lostness and multiplying apostolic leaders for the sake of Kingdom advancement.

Stanley and his wife Trina have four adult children, and a host of adopted grand children from the several years of being integrally involved in the lives of former students in an extended family capacity.

Ministry Areas

Collegiate Ministry
Leadership Development
NextGen Leadership

How can I serve you?

(717) 652-5856

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Stan Williams

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Beth Whitworth, wife of BRN Executive Director Barry Whitworth, is Director of Family Care and BRN Women for the Baptist Resource Network of Pennsylvania/South Jersey. Having been a PK as a youth and in ministry with Barry for many years, Beth is passionate about caring for the wives and family of ministers in PA/SJ. Currently, Beth is on LifeWay’s national panel of women’s leaders as the representative of ministers’ wives in PA/SJ. She is also interim state director of the Woman’s Missionary Union for PA/SJ.

What are the benefits you hope our churches will receive as a result of your work/role at the BRN?

My hope is that our churches will be better equipped to impact lostness among the next generation(s) in their midst and disciple those young people they reach to become passionate KINGDOM FOCUSED Young Adults whose faith has developed to advanced stages of refinement and commitment to the Lord Jesus.

My hope is that our churches will see every elementary school, middle school, high school, technical school, institute, college or university as a providentially ordained mission field through which God is inviting them to potentially touch the next century of human beings as they faithfully engage these settings.

A Few Fun Facts about Stan


Stanley is passionate about learning.  Naturally curious, Stan continues to direct himself to learn histories, natural and physical sciences, various aspects of art (performing arts, theatre, musical arts) the humanities (principally through reading about different cultures) and language (philology and grammar).  His goal is to become conversant in 8 languages and literate in 4.  He is also passionate about health and well being.  Rev. Eugene Burrell would often say to “If your output exceeds your input, your lack of upkeep will be your downfall”.  His example and those words have helped Stan to avoid completely tanking out on the basis of his propensity to overachieve.


Without question Stan’s greatest influence as an adult are his parents Carver and Mattie Williams.  “My dad is HANDS DOWN, the most important human being in my life.  His tenacity, temperament and thick-skinned tenderness are markers for me of eternally enduring, highly estimable qualities of MANHOOD.  I hope to become at least a fraction of the man I see in him” he said.

Besides his father, Rev. Eugene Burrell, Dr. Rogers Jackson, Dr. Michael ‘M.A.’ Bell, Dr. Alonzo Patterson, and Dr. Carl Johnson have indelibly shaped Stan in ways for which he is eternally grateful.  The friendship, love and support of Dr. Herbert Lusk, Rev. Paul James, Rev. Damon Byrd, Rev. Eric Johnson, Rev. Brian Musser and Rev. Allen Benson have been the staple relationships through which he maintains a grounded, down to earth sense of belonging and becoming humane and healthy.


Stanley enjoys reading and translating out of the original Hebrew text of the Old Testament (he actually thinks that this is ‘cool’ and ‘hip’ – his daughter tells him that this confirms that he is a geek and a nerd).  He enjoys cycling and is always mapping out epic cycling treks to add to his ‘list’ of places to journey ‘one day’.  He likes to make things, and has developed a love for sewing, welding and wood working in his spare time.  Stanley also enjoys coloring in coloring books.  He is a comic book collector.  His favorite Marvel characters are the Silver Surfer and Professor Charles Xavier.


Stan’s life’s hashtags would be #graceandpeace & #byhisgracealoneIremain

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