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Laurel Grimes

Hub Support & Event Coordinator

Looking to host an event at the BRN’s Training Center? Laurel is your Contact! Laurel oversees all trainings and events that take place in the BRN’s Training Center from booking your event, to different stages of planning, to making sure your event closes out on a positive note! Laurel also helps to oversee reservations for our guest houses here in Harrisburg and Pittsburgh. Additionally, she assists in areas of our communications platforms and general Hub support.

Laurel graduated from Nyack College with a bachelors of science degree in youth and family studies. Outside of the BRN, she also works as the children’s discipleship director for her church.

Ministry Areas

BRN Events Questions
General Referrals
General Resources
Missions Houses (Warren House/Volunteer House) Reservations
Training Center Coordination
Web Management

How can I serve you?

(717) 652-5856

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Laurel Grimes

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Laurel Grimes

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Laurel Grimes

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Laurel oversees the Helpdesk in HUB Support at the BRN. Whenever a church comes to the BRN with a question, she directs them to the right person or department who can answer their questions. She also puts together the resources for the missions offerings, such as the Lottie Moon Christmas Offering for International Missions. She also helps to process many of the church evangelism grant requests, preparing them to be sent for approval from our directors. Laurel graduated from Nyack College with a bachelors of science degree in youth and family studies. Outside of the BRN, she also works as a children’s discipleship director for a local church.

What are the benefits you hope our churches will receive as a result of your work/role at the BRN?

Our churches would be able to have quick access to the resources they need and their questions would be quickly answered.

A Few Fun Facts about Laurel


Laurel, who works in children’s ministry, LOVES kids! She loves their creativity and their honesty and is passionate about leading children in their walks with Christ by growing and developing their childlike faith. She also loves training others to do the same.


Laurel says her heroes would have to be those who have gone before her, and even walked along with her, in ministry, specifically children’s ministry. “I have received so much guidance from those who have shared their acquired wisdom and experience in ministry,” she said. “It is so inspiring when I get to sit with others who have walked the same road and aspire to do great work for the Kingdom.”


Laurel loves crafting, listening to music, going for walks, taking pictures, and hanging out with friends.


Her hashtag would have to be #Matt18 because the first few verses in this chapter of Matthew have been her inspiration for how to lead in children’s ministry.

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