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Woven Women Leadership Collectives

Starting Winter 2024!

What is a leadership collective?

This is a small group gathering of leaders who discuss, train and inspire one another in leadership skills and implementation. Each group will have a facilitator and 5-8 participants.

How is this done?

The collective will connect weekly through group text and once a month meet in person or via zoom.

What is the commitment?

A collective will last 3-4 months.

To join a collective you must agree to participating in the group text. This may be a simple acknowledgement of receiving the facilitator’s text and then commenting on the thought or question. You can also ask questions on the thread as well. In general, we suggest that you respond to most discussions within 24 hours.

Each person in the group is expected to attend the monthly meeting. Inability to attend will only be excused if something unexpected happens that requires your attention. The meeting will be no more than 2 hours of time. The meeting will unpack the month’s biggest questions or concerns and/or offer specific training.

Who can join?

To join, you must hold a leadership position in your local church. This is not limited to only women’s ministry leaders. All pastor’s wives are welcome to join as well as any woman serving in a leadership position at her church.

What topics will be covered in the collectives?

Basic leadership skills like communication, time management, implementation of ideas and personal disciplines.

When is the monthly meeting?

There will be an initial welcome meeting via zoom for all participants. Your particular collective will then meet according to the time you select.

Why should I join a collective?

By joining a collective you will be able to collaborate with others to gain insight and wisdom to help you grow as a leader. You will also be encouraged by other like-minded women. You will hear about resources available, firsthand from the facilitator.


If you haven’t already, fill out this form to join a collective group now!

Leadership Collectives

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