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Women’s Ministry: Secret Santa

By the Christian House Baptist Chapel Ladies

At Christian House, our ladies have revived an old tradition called “Secret Santa.” The purpose is to add a little fun and intrigue to the season in a way that allows us to bless an individual anonymously.

Woman holding gift
Photo by Kira auf der Heide on Unsplash

Here’s how it works:

On the Sunday before Thanksgiving, each woman who’d like to participate draws a name from the hat. Once we know who the recipient of our secret gift will be, we get busy shopping or sewing or baking, etc. We keep a text thread going in case anyone has questions or if a recipient would like to share gift suggestions to assist their Santa. That being said, each Santa reserves the right to give as they feel led. Careful here, some Sneaky Petes may use this tactic to try to sniff out their Santa! Our parameters this year are to give either a gift of $20 value or something homemade (who doesn’t like handcrafted gifts?). The homemade option also takes pressure off of anyone who may be working on a tight budget. On the Sunday before Christmas Eve, gifts will be stowed in a place where the recipient is sure to find it. It’s a simple little thing, but the anticipation during the season is palpable. We have lots of giggles.

We encourage you to try this with your ladies or youth (or even the men). Fun will be had by all. Blessings will flow. Set the parameters to accommodate your group. Individuals could even gift a service (water plants, do dishes, drive to an appointment, etc.). There’s an Italian widow in our congregation who is a wonderful cook. We hint regularly that we’d love a platter of her delicious pasta. There’s no limit to how we can bless. Please share if you use this idea. Merry Christmas to all!

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