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Women’s Ministry: ‘Garden Club’

Spring is on the way! If you are seeking a new endeavor for the women in your church, consider forming a Garden Club to beautify the church grounds or a local playground/park (seek permission for both). You may have a resident Master Gardener or at least someone with a  “green thumb” in your midst to offer guidance. To encourage you, snap a “before” and “after” photo. Here are a few ideas on how to begin:

1. Walk the grounds when weather permits to assess plantable spaces, considering shade and sun conditions.

2. Make a sketch of the areas you’d like to landscape and select your plants. Pinterest is a great source of inspiration for this.

a. Perennials are cost effective as they return and expand each year.

b. Annuals are beautiful but can only be enjoyed for one summer.

c. A combination of both would be stunning.

3. Make a shopping list. No budget? No worries. The ladies who garden in your group may be willing to donate plants from their own flowerbeds.

4. With the final frost behind you, prepare your flowerbeds, plant and mulch.

5. Maintain the beds throughout the growing season with regular weeding and watering.

6. Enjoy the bounty of God’s creation and your teamwork!

Two women in a garden

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