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Women’s Ministry: ‘Chick Chat’

The purpose of Chick Chat was to unite our women post-Covid and to provide mentoring possibilities. Women age 35 and older were given a Life Experience sheet. They were asked to list the challenges and experiences that they have gone through successfully with God’s direction, and wisdom if they were willing to share with others. Women age 30 and below were asked to write questions relating to their struggles or areas they want to learn more about. An example would be, “What does it look like when the husband is the spiritual head of the family?”

We began the event with a potluck lunch followed by circle time when questions were read for open discussion. The women were blessed by the sharing, so we plan to do a Chick Chat again. For the first event we worked with multiple topics, but we may choose just one for the next event. The Life Experience sheets will be compiled so that women will know which woman to seek out for guidance and God’s wisdom with on a particular topic. A drop box for future questions will be kept on the “Secret Sister” table so that women can add them at any time.

If you would like to hold a Chick Chat at your home church and have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact Marlene Lipinski with questions at

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