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Three Payroll Problems to Avoid

Payroll can be complicated. Its requirements and tax regulations seem to keep getting more complex. And as a ministry leader, you are always on the lookout for ways to protect your church and avoid these unnecessary complications.

To help address these payroll concerns, MinistryWorks® by Brotherhood Mutual Insurance Company has created a free online resource. Their heart for ministry and mission to serve the Church has led to many helpful resources like this article: Three Payroll Problems to Avoid.

In this article, you’ll find common problems MinistryWorks® have identified through their payroll team, regarding churches and payroll, plus tips on how to avoid them and there’s even a Payroll Tax Checklist for your church to work through.

As a member of the Brotherhood Mutual® Ministry Partner Program, MinistryWorks® benefits from their desire to keep churches open and safe for worship and to help effectively manage risk. 


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