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Disaster Relief Church Preparedness manual

A church must plan how it will respond to disasters, large and small, within the church and in the community. Plans need to be well developed and discussed by the church leaders and shared with the members. Families and individuals within the congregation need to participate in training to understand their role. A community action plan also needs to be developed for the churches response within the greater community of partners. 

The unprepared church will miss valuable opportunities to minister if not prepared. By planning before a disaster occurs and coordinating with Southern Baptist Disaster Relief, local government agencies, The Salvation Army, and local American Red Cross chapter, a church can be prepared to minister fully in a time of crisis.

Part of the local church’s disaster relief plan should consider the needs of individuals and families who have experienced disasters in their lives. These plans might include ministries such as a food pantry, clothes closet, and/or financial assistance. Preparedness is an essential part of the plan and can be achieved through training for families within the local church and community.

This 19-page guide will assist churches in developing those plans.

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SBDR Church Preparedness cvr

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