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Brotherhood Mutual provides ministry related insurance coverages you might miss!

Dear Ministry Partner,

This past year has presented many challenges for the church. As we look to rebuild from COVID-19 the Baptist Resource Network encourages your church to evaluate its ministry insurance coverage. Many churches had to make a lot of changes over the past year. These changes may precipitate an evaluation of the church’s ministry insurance coverage. Brotherhood Mutual is the preferred church insurance provider of the SBC and works exclusively with Christian ministries. I encourage your church to analyze your insurance coverage.

Coverage: Brotherhood Mutual provides ministry related insurance coverage for the following:

  1. Property Insurance,
  2.  Liability Insurance,
  3. Sexual Acts Liability Insurance*
  4. Cyber Security Insurance*,
  5. Missions Travel Insurance*,
  6. Ministry Vehicle,
  7. Directors & Officers Insurance*,
  8. Worker’s Compensation Insurance,
  9. Excess Liability Insurance, and MORE.

*Coverages generally overlooked by BRN churches

Risk Management: Brotherhood also provides Risk Management Assessment, which provides a safer ministry environment, including:

Children and Youth, Disasters and Emergencies, Employees and Volunteers, Violence in the Church, Church Policies and Protections, Cyber, Abuse, and other Risk Management topics.

Top 3 Insurance Claim Payout Areas for BRN Churches:

  1. Medical Payment Claims
  2. Hail Damage
  3. Snow & Ice Damage


  1. Safety, Background Screenings, Child Safety, Religious Freedom, and more
  2.  Mission Travel
  3. Payroll through MinistryWorks
  4.  Legal Assist, Answers to legal questions

If your church has found itself asking COVID-19 rebuild questions we encourage your church to ask questions about insurance coverage for your ministry.

If you would like more information about Brotherhood Mutual and the many services the company offers, you can find them at, or by contacting our agency, James O. Bower, at 1.800.326.7200. I’m also available if you want to talk about our experience with Brotherhood Mutual.

As always, the BRN team desires to be a resource for your church and help every church within its geographical area become a heathy multiplying church. We hope that Brotherhood Mutual becomes a great resource for your ministry.


Andy Weber
Director of Finance & Operations
Baptist Resource Network of PA/SJ
Accelerating Kingdom Movement

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